Saturday, June 19, 2010

school day/ sick day

My very first day off from school for the summer was also the first day Reed would go to school with Skyler.  I got them out the door by 7:45.  I was dressed in running clothes and had a long to-do list. 

Reed's drop off was pretty uneventful.  We posed for some photos and Skyler demonstrated what not to do on the school's front steps.  Kristian and McKayla arrived just in time to greet Reed on his big day.  Lots of giggling and jumping.

We hung up Reed's blanket, backpack and raincoat in his cubby marked "REED" (one of the things I always imagined when I was naming my kids), and he and Krisitan got right to work with a bucket of dinosaurs.  I lingered for a few minutes watching him and then realized he was just fine, so I was off. 

When I have a day without children, there is not one minute to waste.  I usually plan way more than is reasonable to get done in the time alotted, but you won't catch me daydreaming;  I am on a mission.

I went straight to the gym (since it was pouring) and managed 4 miles which seemed like harder work than it should have.  I went next to the nursery to buy a lilac bush for an end-of-the-year gift for Kimmie (day care extraordinaire), and then to the grocery store.  By the time I got to the check out line, I was dragging.  My energy was going down the tubes.

I went home with plans to bake bread, and other treats, plus organize, clean, and write.  Within 20 minutes, I knew I was doomed.  I decided to lie down for 30 minutes which ended up being 3 hours.  I called Sam at work and said:  "I am sick.  I am going to die.  But I really want to pick up Reed on his first day, so I'm going to get the kids and then, can you take over?"  Sam said, and I quote:  "I got it, Boo.  I'll be there."

So, I drove to the school to get the kids, but when I got in the parking lot, I knew bad things would happen if I got out of the car.  I could not will myself to pull it together.  I sat there for 10 minutes and tried to feel well enough to stand up.  Then I backed out of the parking lot and drove home without the kids.  I met Sam at home who went off to get the kids, and then I spent the next 7 hours in a bad place.  I got sick, had serious chills and sweats, and actually while Sam and the kids were at the playground, I fainted in the bathroom and hit my head on the counter on the way down.  Good thing the phone wasn't right next to me because I actually thought about calling 911. 

By 9 pm, I was able to sit up, take some sips of water, and then eat a piece of toast.  I went back to bed for the rest of the night.  In the morning, despite feeling empty and beat up, I was all better.  Though it wasn't fun to be sick on the first day of summer, I also think that sometimes your body waits until you have time to deal with illness, and let's it all out at once.  If I had gotten that sick a few days earlier when I was giving exams and wrapping up the year, it would have been a disaster. 

Sam reported that Reed's teacher said he was "really, really good" even though Reed says that he was "a little bit bad."  When Sam arrived, Skyler was pushing Reed on the swings.  Skyler also had gone up to Reed's classroom to check on him during her free time in the late morning.  He made father's day crafts, played well, and took a nap during rest time.  Good boy, Reed.

His first-person report was a little confusing.  He told me that had "nothing for lunch" (untrue) and that for morning snack they had "cheeseburgers and green-apple pie."  Hmmmm.  He had a new scrape on his leg, so I asked him what happened:  "Oh, I got hit by a truck."  (He had just heard me say to Sam that I felt like I got hit by a truck).  Green-apple pie and getting hit by a truck, all in a normal school day. 

Next week I'll be able to get more details from the teacher, and see him in action myself.  And next week, my accomplishments while the kids are away will be epic. 


maria. said...

when i was in kindergarten, i would come home every single day and tell my parents that all we did was play tiddlywinks, which is funny in and of itself, but i have actually never played tiddlywinks! i don't even know how i came up with it because it's not as though tiddlywinks was a popular game in the 80's.

glad you are feeling better! 24-hour illnesses like that always throw me off, especially after the almost two months of pneumonia i had last year. i always expect even small head colds to mutate into some monster illness that feels like it will never end.

Kirsten said...

I used to get really sick the first week of summer--a total body let-down once the school year ended. So glad you are feeling better!

Niklas used to come home with the absolute craziest stories from preschool--it was hard to know what to believe and when to check in with the teacher. Like when he came home to tell us that "the police offi-cker came in to show us his gun and tell us how to shoot people's heads if they were going to jail." This, from a child who did not even have a squirt gun! I checked in with the teacher. He was sort of right--this kid Casey from class filled in the other details.

And one more thing: awww you guys are Boo too. We have a lot of Boos here.