Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Skyler's finest work.

From the last day of kindergarten, 2 days before we got a dog:
"When I grow up, I want to be a veterinarian!"

Stegosaurus with a pink wig.

On the airplane on the way to Michigan.  Looks like we forgot Reed.  Love the tray tables.

The next series is from Skyler's school "Journal" that they wrote or drew in every day.  I got to look through it when everything was sent home for the summer.

"I do not like making my bed."

Good to know.

Today she had nothing to say but  "LOVE"

"I can ride a bike."

Skyler is on the scooter, Reed is on the tricycle, and that's me, with the legs.

Clothes hanging in the closet.

Hopefully the bird doesn't drop her eggs into the campfire.

Another page for LOVE.

Words to live by:  Manners lesson on May 5th.

Thank you to Karen Grindle, the most amazing kindergarten teacher, who nurtured, loved, and encouraged Skyler's creativity in that way that all parents hope for their children.  She showed interest (tirelessly, every day) in Skyler's (long, complicated) stories.  She made Skyler's confidence soar.  She made Skyler laugh.  She made her try her best.  She taught by example.  She set an impossible standard for the teachers who will follow, but she also gave Skyler something that no one will ever take away.   


Amy said...

Beautiful! Love these :)

Carly said...

These are awesome! So cute!

Natalie said...

You know that thank you part at the end, where you talk about how great Skyler's teacher is? Sounds like this other teacher I happen to know (only she doesn't teach kindergarten).

Lisa said...

My favorite is the one of you all on the plane to Michigan!!! See you next month! Yay! (Actually love the fashionista, naturalist, bike riding, anti-bed making, miss manners - all of it! Love, love, love!)