Friday, June 25, 2010

Strawberries a la mode.

We spent the afternoon at the strawberry farm.

Reed is kind of Zen about berry picking. 

Suzanne, Maya and Ella took us out there.        We were joined by Amy and her boys Nick and Tim.

And Jen with Kaitlin and Tyler (who is somewhere out there).

There was a little bit of running talk and marathon planning amidst the berries.

We filled 6 quarts pretty quickly, and now we have our hands full!  Apparently the growing season was perfect for strawberries this year.  These guys are almost twice as big as last year's, and super sweet. 

"Is this enough, Mom?"

What summer activity does not go well with ice cream?  We moved on to Treworgy farm to eat ice cream and feed the goats.  Can you tell I'm on the exhaust-the-children plan too?
(look at Reed going for my cone).

Suzanne took a bunch of these photos and was very amused with herself for catching me in the act of saving Reed's ice cream drips.  So there, Suzanne, I posted one.

And here are all the kiddos after a day's worth of fun and dirt.  

In other news, thank you so much for all the support, advice, and empathy about Skyler and the bedtime thing.  I am currently lying in the hall outside of her room as she sniffles her way to sleep.  This too shall pass.  Thank you for the perspective. 



Looks like a lot of happy kids. Nothing better then that