Sunday, June 20, 2010

Summer baking!

I've been out of school (and healthy) for a few days and already been in the kitchen quite a bit.  It is Sunday night right now, and I'm not thinking about lesson plans or grading papers or what anyone is going to wear tomorrow (heck, I think I'll go with the running shorts and bathing suit top again for the 3rd day in a row).  Summertime is so sweet (and necessary!) for teachers.  Amen.

Whenever I get a little bit of time away from the working world, I set to baking.  There aren't many things more satisfying to me than the feeling and aroma of yeasty bread rising on the counter.  I even love the act of covering the dough with a towel, like I'm tucking it in for a little rest.


This week I made Potato Bread (even whiter than white bread!) using this recipe, and it was good, soft, and hearty.  If you ever find yourself with left over mashed-potatoes like I did, this bread is a great way to use them up.

 Delicious toasted with hummus, sprouts, tomato and avocado (and veggie straws on the side).

Next I made two Strawberry Rhubarb Crisps, one for us and one for Kimmie.  I used this recipe, and it was delicious, but I have two recommended changes: use half the salt and half the sugar!  It was too sweet, and I should have trusted my gut to let the fruit do most of the work.

Lastly, for Father's Day breakfast, I made Cranberry Orange Scones, except that they were actually Cranberry Lemon Scones because we had no oranges.
Like the tablecloth?  Skyler set the breakfast table outside today using one of her baby blankets.  It's very hot to set your table with baby blankets, you know.  You watch.

Have you ever watched Ina Garten cook on The Barefoot Contessa?  Well, this is one of her recipes and she is crazy about butter.  This recipe had 3 sticks of butter!  WHOA.  So, I substituted one stick for one container of Chobani vanilla Greek yogurt and they were perfect.  Super light and fluffy and yummy.  And, the lemon substitution worked great too.

Bake away!