Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Up the hill on Mile 15

This is when I see Angela and Matt holding their sign for me.

This was the happiest moment, with the Taiko drums behind me, of the whole race.  I was so relieved to see these pictures because in every other shot I look pretty unhappy. 


Joanne said...

So beautiful! Glad you have these photos as proof of your awesome being and your power within.

Holly said...

I just stumbled upon your blog somehow and have so much enjoyed reading about your family. The videos you put together of your kids are beautiful.. I got teary eyed at one point and I don't even know any of you! I wish that one day I will be so lucky. Congrats on your marathon and hope all your dreams come true!

Angela said...

I was sooooo happy to stumble upon these at the end of the day looking back at the pictures. Best series of shots out of the whole day. So happy to have made you smile :)