Sunday, June 13, 2010

What's for Dinner?

First, for those of you with little ones in the kitchen with you, I accidentally discovered a great way to have Reed help me cook.  He loves to add salt and pepper to everything, but clearly, he has no sense of "enough."  Our salt shaker is empty right now, and as he was helping me stir a huge bean and potato salad, I gave him the (empty) salt and the pepper grinder.  He stood on a chair at the counter for 20 minutes adding salt (nothing coming out) and pepper (he can only grind a trace amount at a time) and stirring the salad.  I'm going to keep one empty salt shaker for him to help me with salads from now on!

Onto dinner:  
I know I can be kind of confusing when most of what I eat is sprouts and tofu and vegetables and hummus, and now I'm talking about burgers.  But I do love a great burger once in a while.  This burger was made with organic and naturally raised beef and I can't overstate how much different it tastes than your standard ground chuck from the grocery store.  (If you already eat organic/ naturally raised meat you are thinking... "yeah, duh.")  The texture is totally different, and the taste is more pure.  That is a terrible description, but I guess I'm trying to say it just tastes way better.

Sam made this dinner, and he is far and away the best burger maker in the house.  I just can't seem to get the patties tightly packed enough and his are perfectly shaped and formed.  I think he uses a little worcestershire sauce and salt and pepper.  This burger is layered with cilantro, grilled onions and pepper jack cheese with a side salad, and it was the best-tasting meal I've eaten in weeks.  I couldn't stop mmmmmmmm-ing after every bite.