Friday, June 25, 2010

World Cup Fever

Did you watch the soccer game this week? The US had to score one goal against Algeria to advance in the World Cup. The game is 90 minutes long. After 90 excruciating minutes, the score was still 0-0. There were 4 minutes added onto the end for injury time. Skyler and Reed and Jackson and I were on the edge of our seats.

I love the whole feel of World Cup soccer, the noisy horns and the international feel, and I love how the announcers totally milk all the emotion out of the suspense. They were saying things like: "The hopes and dreams of an entire nation rests in the next 4 minutes." "Can these boys make it happen? Do you believe that dreams can come true?"

And then Landon Donovan scored a goal. Here at the Manhart house, we were all jumping around and hooting and hollering and Jackson started howling. But after watching this video, I really wished were in a crowded bar somewhere when it happened. But my favorite parts, actually,  are the two snippets of the two guys who were watching the game alone in their homes. I love seeing our country go nuts for soccer.

Saturday at 2:30! US vs. Ghana! We'll be watching!


Elizabeth said...

Loved the video, Emilie. Perhaps that will dispel the myth floating around here (Utah) that no one in this country really cares about soccer. After being a "soccer Omom" for the past three months and watching Cameron and Grant play for the entire spring season, I am convinced it is THE GAME for our country (with apologies to the Red Sox.)
Go USA!!

ann said...

So sorry USA lost, but go Ghana. It would be really nice, I think, if an African country could win the cup!