Thursday, July 29, 2010

Beaching it.

We hit the Lake Michigan beach (4.4 miles from the house)  yesterday when it looked like a storm was brewing, but it never came.  Instead, we had a breezy, comfortable stretch of time on an almost empty beach.

I dare to even say this out loud, but here it is:  the kids are so much easier all of a sudden!  They have been so happy and good so far.  The flights here were even sort of lovely and calm.  At the beach, they entertained themselves for hours digging giant holes, and then Sam took them each out into the lake for wave diving.  Last year, they were scared of the waves.  This year, they went right after it.

Skyler collected lady bugs and Lila looked on lovingly.

Joe took walks with Reed, helped Skyler dig, and for about 20 minutes, I actually sat in a beach chair and read my book.  Friends, I thought this day would never come.

 Sam went out for a swim, and the three Manhart women on the beach were worried.  It was choppy and potentially stormy when he headed out, and we lost sight of him after a while.  Skyler was especially nervous about it, so she was waving like a madwoman when he popped up out of the waves.

Growing up, we spent our vacations on the North Carolina beaches, and I vividly and fondly remember two things:  bobbing around in the ocean while clinging to the broad arms and shoulders of my dad, just like Skyler is here.

And being cold and wet and wrapping up in a fluffy towel just like Reedo is here. 

This is what we'll be doing every day for the next 7 days.


Andrew Mooers said...

Good photo splash on the day at the beach.