Saturday, July 24, 2010

evidence of a successful summer

Yesterday we spent a glorious day on Schoodic Lake with the Carvers.  And I forgot my camera.  To which everyone responded all at once:  "WHAAAAAAT?"  This photo-obsessed blogger, who goes to the grocery store with my camera, forgot to bring it to our most favorite summer spot.   I have a little bit of video, and I have my memories, and I probably relaxed a bit more because I wasn't following everyone around with a camera in their face.  But I'll do better next time.


If I were to take inventory of our summer so far, I'd have to say: so far so good.

Here is what we've got.

very dirty faces.

roasting marshmallows on the patio.
staying in your bathing suit all day.

enormous vegetables.

a respectable shell collection.

a panting dog.

fresh summer snacks.

dinner on the patio.  broccoli from the farm.

the perfect golden triple stack.

endless hours by the water.

and quiet time.

And PROOF that all is right with the world.  My 5-year old's view of our summer life.  Chaise lounge, umbrella, book, and drinks for all our friends.

I can't say that I've gotten all the reading, planning, and projects done that I had hoped, but on all other accounts, yes, so far so good.

p.s.  I think I got some of you too excited about the writing piece I alluded to.  No magazine publishing yet, but this is a baby step.  I'll show you on Monday.


Kirsten said...

Sigh, love all of it! I just love hitting your blog to get my Maine fix! It is sort of a relief isn't it, when you forget your camera? For me, I don't usually forget it but I do often forget my backup CF card so if I'm desperate I have to delete some pictures before I can take more!

FrauB said...

Can I ask a dumb question? What kind of bag do you carry that you can accommodate a big camera?