Sunday, July 25, 2010

Running with the Big Blogs

This summer, I worked on a writing piece that started with the blog posts I did about the Vermont City Marathon in May, turned into a much longer essay, and then redefined itself again into a shorter, more stream-lined piece about mental demons and running.  You'll recognize a few sentences from the post-marathon blog posts.

And only a few of you know how much this really means to me, but the outcome of all that work is a collaboration with Kristina Pinto, aka Marathon Mama, who writes a blog for, a website that offers experts' advice on running, cycling and triathloning, as well as hosts blogs for some of the best athletes in each sport.

Kristina's is the first professional blog that I ever followed, and I've read every post of hers over the last few years. She is a running coach in Massachusetts whose writing career has taken some exciting turns; recently she was published in Runner's World and Women's Running Magazine.  She's not only a badass runner, she's also hilarious, opinionated, gutsy, and unafraid to face her challenges with running in a way that benefits all of us.  She's been an inspiration to me as a runner and a writer, so this is a very exciting day for me.  If you don't already read her blog, you'll want to start today.

Without further ado, here I am, blogging on my favorite blog:  To the Next Acorn


Kim said...

Congratulations! I'll go to her blog and check it out and probably spend hours there as well! Thanks for all you share-it is truly an inspiration and fun to read.

Susan said...

So well written. I give you an A+ and will maybe let you teach Creative Writing some day (whoops you already got that from me)! Seriously, loved the piece and am looking forward to more fun running together. You are awesome!

Mo said...

Read it. LOVED it. Your running and writing inspire me!

Michelle said...

Awesome essay on running. I had never heard of the Acorn theory before... What you went through with your marathon reminds me of a podcast I listened to here ( about the power of the brain. It's kind of long but worth listening to and I think you'll identify with it. The mind is a powerful, powerful thing - whether it's being kind to you or not ;)

Kirsten said...

Beautiful! I left a comment, or I thought I did, but in case it doesn't show up some time over there, here it is--it's long winded.

What an amazing essay--so honest and strong, it's humbling. It's funny to me sometimes to think that we met in person 100 years ago and have had these fleeting, occasional life intersections that cross years, state lines and groups of friends. In the last year and a half, your blog, your writing and your running inspired me into action!

Following your training for your first marathon you ran to honor your dad's fight with cancer lit one of the more notable candles of possibility in me--that I too could live healthfully for myself, for my kids and for the memory of my dad. A big part of what makes you so inspirational, Emilie, is your willingness to show these parts of yourself: strength, vulnerability, capability and emotion as you run and as you document your living! This essay captures the weights we carry in our most challenging moments. It captures the pure beauty of accomplishment--when our hearts push us forward even when our heads want to hold us back.

Jenn said...

Kudos! In the words of Ethan "Yeah Emilie."