Friday, July 30, 2010

vacation mode.

Michigan is a lovely place to be on vacation.  The trees are so tall, the corn is so good, and the temperature in Lake Michigan has never been this perfect.  Also, my in-laws have this ginormous white Oldsmobile (nicknamed "the whale") that I love to drive around town.  It's so big and floaty and you can steer it with your pinky finger. 

I have a million photos to download, but I also am way out of my routine and not spending much time near a computer.  I'll update tomorrow.  So far there has been a lot of eating, but also running and taking the great strength training/ pilates class at the cute little gym in town.  Lisa, Sam's twin sister who lives in Japan, arrived today and we are kindred spirits in the way we like to spend our time here.  We have a list of movies we want to rent, food we want to make, and a bunch of running routes planned.  And tomorrow, we run to the gym for the strength training class, go out for coffee, hit the farmer's market, and then take everyone to the beach. 

I plowed through the amazing book Born to Run (review to come soon) and will start my second book tomorrow.  Is this happening?  Am I dreaming?  I feel like I'm speaking again to my long-lost friend, myself, the one who use to have her nose in a book all day. 

It's really nice to remove yourself from your own house, just for the lack of chores and kitchen and laundry-folding time.  Off to read myself to sleep.

Looks like Jackson is doing okay too, huh? This golden shot was sent to me by my friends who are watching him. 


Joanne said...

This is such a wonderful photo of Jackson!
Is this area the fields at the University in between Orono and Old Town? Looks familiar.