Thursday, August 5, 2010

back to school?

I just looked at the calendar and realized I'd been in denial about what's happening here.  I somehow thought I would just perpetually be on this schedule of having a long quiet cup of morning coffee, and then another, and lingering in the kitchen until the kids wake up, and then making a fun plan for the summer day.  Screeeeeech!!!!  We have 3 weeks left, and I have a lot of work to do.

I go back to work on August 25.  I am teaching a new class this fall, World Literature to seniors, so I now have to put away the summer reading I was doing and get into serious mode about prepping for that class.   It's okay.  The books I need to re-read for senior English are excellent.

Three Cups of Tea: One Man's Mission to Promote Peace . . . One School at a TimeExtremely Loud and Incredibly Close: A NovelThe Namesake: A NovelThe Catcher in the RyeThe Things They CarriedOthello (Folger Shakespeare Library)

It's going to be invigorating to teach new books after having taught the same novels and plays in British lit for 10 years.  I'll still read Pride and Prejudice every year, but I won't have to argue with the boys in my class anymore about why we don't call it "chick lit." 

While I do love the freedom of summer, I still, once I come to terms with it, get excited about back-to-school time.  I get a little flutter when I see lunch boxes, notebooks and highlighters on display at the grocery store.  And back-to-school clothes shopping for the kids, and for me still pleases me deeply after all these years.  As a teacher, I need this long break to pause all the hard work and stress that goes with the school year, but I'm ready to tackle it again.  Well, I will be in 3 weeks.

We got home from our great week in Michigan yesterday;  travel went relatively smoothly but for the children who were tired and whiny (or at times outright hysterical) thanks to the 3:45 am wake up call.  Everyone except Skyler was happy to go to sleep in their own beds last night.  Because we all share one bedroom in Michigan, I'll have to re-program Skyler to going to sleep on her own.

Today the kids go to school while I work on my to-do list.  Tomorrow, it's a running friends reunion as we head to Portland (with a shopping stop in Freeport!) to prepare for the Beach to Beacon 10K, the biggest and most popular race in Maine.  When registration opens in March, you need to be on your computer ready to pounce because the race, with a field of over 6000 runners, fills up in 15 minutes.  I'm really excited for a hotel night with my girls and a (hopefully) great race. 

But first, it's just good to be home, with Jackson underfoot again.

I love the sign at the bottom of the escalator in the Portland airport:  "Breathe easy.  You're in Maine."


maria. said...

i'm so glad you're going to be teaching extremely loud and incredibly close and catcher in the rye! i've read both of those books for the first time this year. i'm really not sure how i got out of high school without reading catcher and i wish it had been required reading for one of my english classes. i know it was on the list of banned books we were to choose books from for sophomore english, but i didn't know what it was about and ended up not reading it, which was a terrible decision on my part. i really could have used that book in high school.