Sunday, August 29, 2010

a date with my mom.

I went on a date with my mom and some of her friends for her birthday on Friday.  We went out to dinner in Blue Hill at Table.

We both ordered the fish special,
a fluke fillet stuffed with goat cheese and spinach and served with mashed potatoes and KALE.

Next we went to Kneisel Hall where my dear, dear friend Jae and his chamber music group, A Far Cry, were playing a concert.  Jae and I have been friends since college/ NELP, he played at my wedding,  and I get to see him every year because his group comes to Kneisel.  They played a wide variety of pieces but my favorite was the Dvorak: Notturno in B, Op. 40, a piece I did not know but would now like to own.  So beautiful.

 The concert hall at Kneisel is like a cozy house with a wide wrap-around porch, and there are seats on the porch, so you have the music and the fresh Maine air.

And this was my view of A Far Cry, Jae on the far left.  BRAVO, Jae.  I could write a series of blog posts about my very talented friends and their incredible accomplishments, and Jae would be at the top of that list.  He helped to start A Far Cry which is a unique and nationally acclaimed chamber music group that has 18 players and no conducter. Watch out for them in the future.

In summation, I love my mom, I love Maine, I love Jae, I love live chamber music on a breezy Maine evening, and I love it when my mom takes me out for dinner to celebrate her birthday.


Elizabeth said...

It was a wonderful birthday celebration and I look forward to "dates" like that anytime. A real treat to see and hear Jae and his group--so gratifying that he has found such a successful outlet for his enormous talent. I will always remember his Bach Partita and the Massenet Meditation from Thais at your wedding--only one of many moments that brought me (and your Dad) to tears that evening. Love you and thanks for a great b'day.

Claudia said...

What a great date with your mom!
That fish dish looks AMAZING I'm sure it tasted even better.
Looks like you two had the perfect evening.

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Beth!!!
Love from the family!

Anna said...

what a great evening! I used to have a horse, and before I had him he lived just down the street from kneisel hall. on a couple of occasions he escaped his pasture and wandered up to hear a concert. I'm not joking. (he also grazed on the lawn, but clearly it was the music he really was after!)