Sunday, August 22, 2010

fresh water, sunshine, happiness, etc. etc.

Summer is basically over, but we did have this day to help us round the corner.

This is Schoodic Lake.
This is Skyler at Schoodic Lake.  Quiet.  Happy.  Calm.

And Reed.  Spiderman.  Shooting a web at me.

I love my little Spiderman.

This costume has only come off a handful of times since he borrowed it.  I love him in it, actually.  It's kind of slippery material and Spidey is fun to snuggle with.

Sandi and Suzanne's camp is on Schoodic Lake and we are lucky enough to go there a few times a summer, and always for Suzanne's birthday.  This year it was named "Soozapalooza" and we discussed live music, t-shirts and mandatory costumes for next summer.

All the Soozapaloozas.  Not Losers.  Loozas.

Beautiful girls.

Amazing spread for lunch.

Delicious Cake.

Dock jumping.

And many hours later, exhausted kids.

This is the best side of Skyler:  lovingly holding Reed's Spidey's head while he slept.

For a little while, anyway.  Sleeping and holding hands.  Love.


Carver Fam said...

Ahhhh....thanks for it. This big, wild life. So glad we're in it together.