Sunday, August 15, 2010

How to catch frogs at Omom's pond.

We are all quite sure that frog-catching at my mom's house will be one of the memories that sticks in these 4 kids.  Cameron and Grant are clearly in charge.  Skyler is a most-willing apprentice.  Reed swoops in just for the peak of the action.  Here's is how they do it.

Quietly look for the frog.

Locate the {poor, unassuming} frog.


Skyler responded:  "Guys!  I'll go as fast as I can!"

Scoop the frog out of the water.  "BE GENTLE!"  Put him in the bucket!

Gather around the bucket and giggle uncontrollably.

Touch the frog.

Explain to your apprentice how to hold a frog.

"You want to squeeze him just hard enough to feel him breathing."  {this I did not know}

Smile for your crazy blogging Aunt.

{Reluctantly} let your cousin give it a try.

"You cannot let his skin dry. That is the worst possible thing."  Return him to the pond.  Wash hands before supper. 


Evelyn said...

Dear Emilie,
What a beautiful photo essay of catching and holding a frog.

I write articles promoting hands-on, creative learning to teachers, parents and homeschoolers. Many of my articles are about frogs. I hope you don't mind that I have added a link to your blog to my Frog Unit Study:

Thank you for sharing that day at the frog pond.

Have a wonderful day,