Saturday, August 21, 2010

Last pics and thoughts on my sister's visit.

This recent visit with my sister and family was the one that the cousins seemed the most into each other.  They couldn't get enough of each other.  Even though my kids were kind of annoying in their cling-on-ness with their big cousins, Cam and Grant were so patient, and every morning were ready for more.    Liesel told me that the first thing Grant did after waking up in Utah on his first day home was go to the blog and watch our summer video.  That makes me kind of weepy.

Here are the last of the photos.

On the one rainy day we had, we went to the Children's Museum.  Here, Grant, Cam and Skyler are taking Liesel's order at the pretend restaurant.

Skyler caught Grant's love for frog catching, which he spent hours doing everyday.  I think the frogs are all breathing easier now that the boys are back in Utah.


I think Grant and Skyler look like they could be siblings.  It's the big brown eyes.

More pics from Sand Beach.  I challenge you to show me a more beautiful beach. 
(above) The kids pick out their dinner.  (below) Sam reminds Liesel that she's eating a crustacean.

We celebrated my mom's birthday (early).  Happy Birthday to the greatest mama. 

And now they are gone.  The day that I say goodbye to my family, I always walk around with a lump in my throat for the rest of the day.  It's hard for me to get back into the routine when I got so quickly used to doing everything with my sister by my side.  Until next time...


Elizabeth said...

What a wondrous week it was, with Maine's idyllic weather as the icing on the cake--such a joy to see my four grandchildren interacting and loving each other so much--and my two daughters relishing their time together. Amazing to see the four kids in the water, all swimming so well, even Reed just about able to keep up with the older ones. Yes, there were the inevitable moments of chaos, like when they were all racing down my stairs in sleeping bags. But it is WAY TOO quiet now.

Liesel said...

We miss you all too (and Omom, the ponds, lakes and frogs)! Thanks for such a wonderful visit.

Paige said...

How sweet a post! I love the closeness between you and Liesel. It is such a great joy in life to have sisters and I am soooo sad that Brenna, Julianna, Skyler, and Alayna are not going to experience that! o, how I wish they could be each other's "sisters." Miss and love you.