Tuesday, August 24, 2010

maybe I should try naked running.

I need to be re-inspired about running.  I'm bored with all of the routes that I run.  I have to work so hard to get myself out the door to run.  I have run every possible road to run around here, to the right, to the left, out and backs, loops, weaving in and out of side streets, busy roads, neighborhoods, country roads, trails.  Boring.  Done them all so many times.  I'm sick of all the music on my ipod.  I'm even sick of running to "This American Life" and "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" podcasts.  I'm sick of the treadmill and of that very particular smell of the gym (rubber + sweat= gross).

The only thing keeping me moving lately is that I'm signed up for 4 races this fall, and I'm excited about those, that time with my friends, and the thrill of the racing scene.  Other than that, I've been thinking this week of finding something else to do for a while.  But nothing will do the same job that running does in terms of working my body and quieting my mind.  By the way, like everyone, I never ever regret going for a run once it's over.  I always feel great.  Right now it's the before and during that are getting me down.

One problem is that after the last 3 years of running and reaching all of these goals, I'm really proud of myself and my accomplishments, but I can't honestly tell you that running is any easier.  My pace may be a tiny bit faster, which shows that I'm more efficient, but I still have to slog through most of my miles.  Except for a rare exception, every run is still hard.

This is sounding really whiny, so I'll start talking myself out of this now with the following thoughts and ideas.
1.  It's cooling down and the leaves are starting to change a bit, so I'll be more comfortable and everything will start to get even prettier around here very soon.
2.  My weekend long runs with my running group faded away because of summer vacations, but we are starting again next weekend.
3.  Sometimes just buying new socks or a new running shirt really cheers me up.  I'll do that.
4.  I am not putting any pressure on myself for times of my upcoming races; I'm just out to enjoy myself.  Hope my marathon relay team is okay with this attitude.
5.  I need to get some new music to run to.  Suggestions are very welcome.

Anything else I can do?  Besides switch to biking or zumba?  I know I'll snap out of it soon.  Sometimes I just go through a rough patch and then come out of it naturally, but still.  I need some inspiration.

In the meantime, I'm going to the beach.  Happy end of summer to each and every one one of you.


Joanne said...

Great title! That would get you running faster and weaving in and out of places you've never seen before. Hey, maybe you can try running barefoot or get those groovy toe sock/shoe things and start running on the balls of your feet - that will add or change your whole running life perhaps!!! . . .
And, I am kidding, sort of.

I gasped when I read that you were sick of running to "This American Life" podcasts! This must be serious!

Your thoughtrs numbers 1 and 2 will really help for sure.

Maybe you can try running more at the University - on their wooded trails - I loved that! Or find yourself some nice hills - and feel the burn!!

Beware of switching over to mainly bike - different muscles and running may change/suffer.

Good to read your honesty. I have run into these feelings, yet much sooner than you. I know you'll pull through with a little help from your friends.

Happy new year beginning!

Cat said...

Arcade Fire and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros I enjoy very much while running ( yes, since PA, I have been running AGAIN. I can go 21 minutes and it feels easy). Goos luck! Though it seems younhave much to look forward to this Fall!

Mike said...

If you like running...

And you like beer....

And you love San Francisco...

You can try this!

Emilie@onemominmaine.com said...

Thank you so much Joanne, for your suggestions and advice. I feel better already!

Cat! Hooray for running 21 minutes! Good for you! Arcade Fire is on my list to get. I'll try the other too. Thanks!

Mike! I would die if I did that. I would actually die. I couldn't drink one beer and keep running. But good for that guy!? :)

mel said...

Though and Idea #6

Because you inspire all of us!

I recently found your blog in our computer history. Turns out my 17 year old daughter is a loyal reader. She runs for her high school cross country team and is training for her first half marathon. I recently started running again after 10 years. There is nothing easy about it, but your blog inspires me to get out there and do it.

Yesterday we made our first pitcher of green monster smoothies and it was so yummy that I made another for my other 2 children that afternoon.

Keep on running...and thanks for sharing all of your personal trials and triumphs.

Elizabeth said...

With reference to #5: How about a Mahler Symphony--very inspiring!!!

Carver Fam said...

You need your girls. I think we should call an emergency run. Any chance you make Sat. work and get a sitter??? (pretty please, with a cherry on top)

Also I will be making you an emergency music list for your ipod.

AND, although I can't figure out how to use the word emergency in this one, you should know that you are a COMPLETELY different runner than you were when you started. Forget being just a tad bit faster and more efficient. You are transformed as far as I can see.

You run MARATHONS for freak's sake.