Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Michigan photo overload.

Sorry... there are a lot of pictures here.  First, this.

I got to spend an hour with my great friend Laura who was my journal group leader (teacher) when I was a student at NELP.  That means she knew all my secrets and we were fast friends.  I haven't seen her in almost 15 years.  I love it when you have a friend from when you are both single, and next time you see her she has a minivan and 3 kids, and it feels like it has been five minutes since you've seen each other.   Laura and her fam were passing through town on the way up north, and so I got to meet everyone. Here she's holding baby Voilette.
And here are her other two, Sally and Gus.

   All THREE of them are younger than Reed. And she makes it look easy. Sure wish we lived closer. 

And here are the rest of our photos from Michigan, all in random order, a sampling of our time here.

Skyler in baby heaven with tiny Max.

She said to me:  "Mom! he's smaller than a paper towel!"

Reed with cousins Sarah and Jake.  Naked butts unite!

Sam and his great friend Jill.

Parting shot:
Wagon ride in pajamas after bath, pulled by cousin Sandy.  So much love.

We're on our way home tomorrow!


Eileen said...

INCREDIBLE pictures. The one of Skyler looking at the baby is truly gorgeous. Safe travels!

FrauB said...

Glad the jar of jam made the photo!