Saturday, August 14, 2010

still not getting old.

Okay, I know this is annoying and boring for you.  I know it is.  Here are pictures of another day at the lake, this time Swan Lake State Park.  The weather is awesome, it's so good to be with my sister, and the kids are going to sprout gills if they stay in the water for another hour. 

But my brother-in-law Craig, back in Utah (hi Craigy!) is checking in to see what his boys are up to, and I'm here to show him. 

Check THAT out!  Bald Eagle overhead!
Sam, after swimming across the lake, coming back in. 
We left at 5:00, dusk coming in, loons calling on the water, and kids water logged and happy. 


Carver Fam said...

In this post, "still not getting old" I seriously thought you were talking about you and Liesel and I thought "Yep, true fact."

I just love you guys.

Enjoy the sister time!