Friday, August 20, 2010

Summer's end

The last thing I did last night before I went to bed is look through my class lists for this fall that are newly posted on our on-line grading/ attendance system.   I love doing this.  There are names I recognize, students I've taught before, siblings of students I've taught before, and a bunch of totally new names.  I love that in a month, they will be "mine" and we will be wading into the year's work together.  It's a sure sign that I still love teaching as much as I do when I look at a new schedule for the year and get fluttery with excitement about what is to come.

And also, I have the same dream right around the last week of August every year, and I had it last night right on cue.

In my dream, it is the first day of school, and my students are filing in, and I'm trying to  find enough desks for everyone (I have some big classes this year).  We are short on desks, so I go out into the hall to get a few more, and next thing I know I'm outside, usually in some sort of adverse weather condition, and can't find my way back to class.  So in my dream, I know my class is standing around without enough desks, and with nothing to do, and waiting for me to come back.  In last night's version, I walked outside to get desks and stepped into snow that was up to my hips, AND I was wearing flip flops which got stuck under the snow and I couldn't get my legs out.  I could see the desks sitting on the snow mound and couldn't make my legs work to get them.

I've had this dream every single year.  Sometimes I have to drive to get the desks (or the paper, or make photo copies) and then I always get lost on the way back and get incredibly stressed knowing that my kids are teacher-less and confused.

I guess it's just my subconscious mind checking in to make sure I'm actually ready.  I am working 2 days this week doing training for a new literacy program we are adopting, and next week there are 2 in-services before students come the following week.  That is it say, summer is over.  I'm in work mode.  I am thinking of our up-coming summery adventures as "days off" rather than our perpetual state of vacation.

And I'm feeling great about it, actually.  I'm ready to roll up my sleeves and put an end to this frivolous sunshine freedom plan.  We have books to teach!  Poems to memorize!  Lunches to pack!  Essays to write!

Anxiety dreams aside, I am ready for school, but I will reallllly enjoy my last days of sun and swimming that we have planned between now and then. 

Oh yeah, and last year, in a moment of feeling brave and daring, I said to my department head that I wanted to try teaching ALL of my classes in the morning, back to back, and then have the last 2 periods off.  I had kind of forgotten about that until I looked at my schedule yesterday.  5 classes and a study hall right in a row, starting at 8:00.  Back to back to back to back to back to back.  And then at 12:30, I'm done.  I think it's brilliant, or crazy.  I'm not sure which yet.


Michelle said...

I say brilliant!! That's how I would do it if I had a choice!