Wednesday, September 29, 2010

bad dog, jackson.

Doesn't he look sorry?

It's my fault.  I should know better than to leave my shoes lying around.

Off to go shoe shopping!


Anonymous said...

Is Jackson in "the doghouse"???

Amy said...

Ugh! I'm waiting for the day when (not if) I see the same thing at our house. So far, its only been Nick's shoes but mine can't be far behind.... Hope that you can find some new ones and they break in quickly and easily... If you can't find them around here, I've had great luck with and, plus they both will do free 2 day shipping :)

Brooke said...

Bad dog, Jackson. But, what a great excuse to get in some new shoes!!

Angela said...

Least it wasn't the Garmin?

That's me trying to make you feel better :) BTW - WHAT did you end up naming the Garmin?

Emilie said...

The Garmin sits on the highest shelf in my kitchen. No one better touch the (still un-named) Garmin!