Friday, September 24, 2010

five things on friday

I'm zapped right now after a long week.  Here are five random pieces of news.

1.  I just finished cooking up a storm and then cleaning it all up, and once I finally sat down after not sitting down since I walked in the door from school, I just got really, really tired.  I've had like 3 sips of wine and I'm about to put my face down on my keyboard. Tonight I made a double batch of Carrot-Cashew Curry and a double batch of home made Naan bread and a double batch of Pumpkin-Chocolate Chip Bars.  I'm delivering one each of everything to my friend Jody in the morning who just had her 3rd baby.

2.  I've been cooking a lot but haven't been blogging it because by the time I finish, it's dark, and I hate dark or flash photos of food.  I'll try to cook during the day on the weekends so I can post recipes, because don't you hate cookbooks that don't have photos?

3.  I had a great, beautiful, crisp, fall 6 mile run yesterday on one of my favorite routes, but I almost got hit by cars that got too close to me about four times.  I came home and vented about it on facebook and got a whole bunch of comments from people who have the same experience.  Why does it make people so angry when you are running on the road?  Why do people feel the need to flip me off or lean on the horn when they, God forbid, have to move 1 foot over to avoid me?  Be careful out there, runners.  Wear bright colors and stay on the shoulder if you aren't sure a car sees you.  I also suggest smiling and waving at mean, angry people.

4.  I'm feeling super nostalgic for last fall when I was gearing up for my first marathon in San Francisco.  Therefore, I've been thinking a lot about what I might do next year in terms of races.  I'm very unpredictable about the marathon thing.  One week I say I've decided that 2 is enough I'm done with marathons, and the next week I'm ready to register for one next spring.   If I had decided right this second, I'd say yes, let's do it again.  So we'll see.  I'm also thinking of training for a Half-Ironman at some point.  I was talking this all through with Sam the other night and I said:  "I'm either going to train for a Half Ironman and get another tattoo, or we're going to have another baby. Totally up to you."

5.  Tomorrow I'm doing something so cool.  My friend Sandy, whom I went to high school with, is a photographer who lives in Paris, and she was hired by a couple in Maine to photograph their wedding and I am going be her assistant.  So, I get to spend the whole day with an old friend on a really fancy estate near Southwest Harbor on the Island, and I get to learn a lot from Sandy who is an amazing photographer.  Should be a very interesting and exciting day.

I'm really sleepy now.  I'll be back with a weekend report!  Happy Friday, friends!


SNW said...

jody as in justin and jody!? already? where has the time gone! please give the proud papa a squeeze for me!

Elizabeth said...

I would much prefer another baby to a tattoo!!!!!