Thursday, September 23, 2010

maybe you can relate with one of these.

You know you are a mother to little ones when you regularly have snot on your pant leg, and in your purse you have one squooshed granola bar, a "special" rock, and two broken crayons. 

You know you are a runner when you zero out your odometer and then drive to school, home, to the grocery store, to the gym, back home again, and then you notice that you still haven't even driven 26.2 miles and you think:  "Damn, I'm amazing."

You know you are a teacher when someone stops you on the street for directions, you tell them, and then you stop and say:  "Okay, so once again..." and then you repeat the directions.  You are tempted to ask:  "Any questions?"

You know you are an English teacher when you have to constantly restrain yourself from correcting apostrophes in other people's facebook statuses.  And when someone writes:  "GO SPARTAN'S" it is so so so hard not to comment that clearly Michigan State isn't teaching basic grammar. 

You know you are a blogger when your kids make a play-doh creation and then arrange it on the table and ask you to get the camera.

{add your own!}


ajh said...

Love the teacher one. I want to correct comments also - especially the whole your/you're. Very cute when your kids asked you to get your camera.

Cat said...

You know you are a BAD English teacher when you sometimes make mistakes like they're/their/there, have misplaced apostrophes and don't realize it until you already hit "comment". How embarrassing and I am guilty!

Zoe Kreitzer said...

You know you're a cow-person when all of your possessions, including your phone, reek of bovine (and you secretly love it).

Joanne said...

You know you are a dog owner when you regularly have slobber on your pant leg and can find a plastic bag stuffed in a pocket of most any of your jackets (just to be prepared).

Sarah Woulfin said...

You know you are a grad student when you analyze the Daily Show with sociological theory :P