Thursday, September 30, 2010

so pleasant an effect on the feelings

 "There is no season when such pleasant and sunny spots may be lighted on, and produce so pleasant an effect on the feelings, as now in October."
-  Nathaniel Hawthorne

September is a beautiful month here in Maine, but it still feels like summer on some days, and it's a little hectic with the start of school, and September reminds of me a little bit of the sadness of death even though I know it doesn't mean to.  October, though, is the magical month, and it starts tomorrow!  In October, we are in a routine and there is no anxiety about new beginnings.  And the sweaters and fleece and cute scarves get to come out of the closets.  And in October I gave birth to my first baby, so the smells in the air and the color in the trees makes me feel like I felt then.  October means pumpkins and squash, planning a birthday party,  baking with apples, running marathons, making soup.

The "color trees," as Reed calls them, are getting bright and beautiful, and will probably peak within two weeks.  When I drive around and have this feeling that the world could not be more lovely, I also think "hold onto this!" as I know what is coming in the months after October.  So just like, if you've been with me for a while, you know I get really whiny about March, please forgive me for waxing poetic about October in Maine for the next month.  I'll head out with my camera this weekend to show you the splendor. 

Yesterday I spent the whole day with my mom while she had cataract surgery.  After she came out of recovery, we were driving home on route 202, this lovely stretch of road that I have meant to photograph for three years, where the colors are really brilliant right now and there is a meadow full of Holsteins and rolling hills behind and the sun was extra golden.  I said:  "Mom!  Just look how gorgeous that is!" 

She said:  "I can't see anything."  Right.  Nice one, Emilie.  She's doing well, by the way, and her vision should be much improved just in time for leaf peeping.

Meanwhile, after trying at three different stores, I got myself a new pair of Kayanos yesterday in my size and only had to abandon one planned run.  It turns out that (thanks to the data kept in Log Your Run) I had run 484 miles on my old pair, so I was ready for new ones anyway.

I guess I forgive you.

Skyler definitely isn't holding a grudge.

While I was at the shoe store, I couldn't help getting a pair of these for Reed.
They are a pain in the ass to lace up, but so so worth it.  And I thought Reed was pretty cute before he had blue converse high tops. 

It's Thursday!  Let's wrap this week right up and get out there into October! 


Elizabeth said...

This morning when I awoke,I looked out my window to see the magnificent autumn colors in the mist rising over our pond--my vision is GOOD. Thanks again for being my loving caretaker yesterday--I was just glad you didn't have your camera as I was coming put of recovery!!

Lisa said... wonderful about your new vision! And just in time for fall splendor. How wonderful.

That is one big, long tongue, Jackson. Holy cow! what a kiss! :P Nice shot, Em!