Thursday, September 16, 2010

Where does she get this stuff?

I love it when little kids use expressions they pick up from adults.  Skyler (5 years old) has had some good ones lately, and they sound especially funny and sassy coming from her short little self:

When I couldn't find the ketchup in the grocery store, she said to all the people around us:
"What does a girl have to do to get some ketchup around this joint?"

And yesterday, while driving through town, she said to herself:
"A 3-person motorcycle!?  Now I've seen everything."

She told me that we had to invite a certain little girl from her kindergarten class to her birthday party, because they decided to be best friends.  When I pressed her for details, Skyler said, about her new friend:  "She just cracks me right up!"

And yes, I neglected to write a whole post about it, but she DID lose her tooth last week. 

That thing was so loose it was all I could do to keep from yanking it out for her.  But she did it on her own.  "It just popped right out!"

And yes the tooth fairy visited.  And Skyler has stopped every single person we have seen in the last week to show them the little gap in her smile.


Michelle said...


Congratulations to Skyler!!

Jen Gordon said...

I have a Skyler, except her name is Mille and she's the say way with her one liners. Like a little Mini Me.

Yah for Tooth Fairy!

Erin said...

When my soon to be stepson introduced me to his friends he said, "this is Erin, she's a real piece of work!" I hope that was a