Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween (weekend)!

Spiderman and Rosie the Riveter are exhausted, in jammies, and ready for bed on Halloween night.  Mom and Dad won't be far behind.

Friday night, we started at a great Halloween party at the Karate school where Skyler wore her original costume, a fairy in a princess-y dress with wings.  When she complained that it was uncomfortable (and frankly, very un-Skyler), I seized the opportunity and pulled together this Rosie the Riveter costume.  I was surprised how into it she was.  I showed her photos of the Rosie poster online and told her that Rosie was one of the first women to go to work building airplanes that everyone else thought was only a man's job.

I knew she got it when she said on Saturday:  "I'm going to paint, and if I get paint on my clothes it's okay because it will just show how hard Rosie was working on those airplanes."

Saturday, we went to our friend Jody and Justin's Annual Pumpkinfest (sans costumes since it was so cold).

I got 5 inches of hair cut off on Saturday morning; it feels much better.

Next we had a Halloween party at Skyler's school.

 Skyler took every opportunity to flex her muscles.

p.s.  We think that some people might have thought she was dressed as a gang member. 

That's three parties and it wasn't even Halloween yet.

Halloween morning I woke up for an early 9 mile run with Susan and Jen and this is what Jen's front yard looked like:
Our run was good despite the rain/ snow that was coming down the whole way.  It was about 33 degrees, and I swear that I am still not warmed up 10 hours later.  I just got chilled to the bone in a way that has made me feel like I'm getting sick.  That might explain why I was kind of dragging for the last 4 miles. 

Now, for the actual Halloween night!  It snowed until about 2:00 but didn't stick.  But it was cold, and trick-or-treating lasted about 45 minutes, which was A-OK by us.

 Look at Ella and Maya in their matching Penguin suits.  Look at Skyler, still showing off her muscles!  Check out the muscles (layers) under Reed's costume.  And still... brrrrrr.

Ella was stuffed with pillows and had a serious penguin waddle going on, so much so that she needed a lift between houses.  

I am still feeling like I can't shake the chills, so I was cupping my hot tea and trying to keep moving while the kids cruised from house to house

 We're ready for bed now, and I'm still cold!  Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween... can't wait to see all the photos of everyone's little ones. 


Sarah Woulfin said...

I adore the pix from Halloween, and I can't believe you had snow this morning!! Woh! Stay warm :)

ajh said...

Lots of cute pics especially the muscle flexing!

Lisa said...

Love the one of Reed trying to flex his muscles like his big sis...and Roo's lookin' like she's going to bop him on the head. Great pics!! So much fun and love. Wonderful memories to cherish!! I think I'm nabbin' the one of Skyler in the leaves for my screen saver. :D

Carver Fam said...

I LOVE that picture of you and Sam. I feel like I look at it and know the love, the equality, the enormous and tiny things you have created together. Especially those (not so tiny anymore) munchkins I love to pieces.

Oh, and the other side of the Terraces on Daisy Lane was ROCKIN' when we left to drive home on Halloween. Aparently we should have been over there.

Kirsten said...

lovely kids. truly. that profile pic of skyler with her pumpkin is gorgeous.