Thursday, October 28, 2010

updates and funnies

From what I hear, everyone's favorite post about the kids might be Reed's husband Matt.
Matt is definitely still a part of our lives, but he comes and goes.  Reed tells me, when we are driving home from school, "that's my husband Matt's house," pointing at a different house each day.  For a while it was true that Matt didn't have a dad, and had two moms.  But that morphed into "my husband Matt has a dad, but he's at work so his two moms take care of him."

Other details include:
"My husband Matt is 5 years old and has black hair."
"Matt is my husband, and Kristian is also my husband."  (hope that's okay, Christine!)
"My husband Matt sleeps in my bed and he is a very good sleeper.  He lies very still."
"When I play at my husband Matt's house, we go swimming and we have to watch out for the alligators."

Last week, tragically, Reed's husband Matt died.  "Because somebody died him."  Yikes.  But Matt comes back to life sometimes, especially when Reed needs an explanation of who made such a mess with the legos.  "Matt did."

Other random Reed-isms:

Last weekend we went hiking with Jackson who took off into the woods and was missing for about twenty minutes.  Reed said:  "I guess we didn't need a dog anyway."   

Reed, when he's on his way to time out for something, figures he might as well get all his trouble out of his system at once, he says:  "POOP STUPID DUMB FAT."

Recently I explained to Skyler that she could not say "Dammit" but she could say "Darnit."  Reed overheard the conversation, but heard it a little differently.  So, he's thrilled that I told him it's okay to say:  "Tampit."  Now when he doesn't get his way, he shouts:  "Aw, TAMPIT!" 

Skyler started Karate last night, which has elicited laughs from a few people who know about last week's playground drama.  But really, we didn't want Skyler to start Karate so she could chop-kick the mean girls (then again...).  Sam has actually talked about Karate for our kids since they were babies. I was skeptical until last night's class.

I took Skyler to "watch" her first class which is called (adorably) "Tiny Tigers" and she joined in with the class within the first two minutes.  She did great.  It was so much fun to watch the class, the emphasis on fun, strength, focus, discipline and self esteem  (yes please!).  In this one class she learned to bow on and bow off the mats, to address the teacher with "Yes, Ma'am,"  to always say "may I please" and be polite to parents, to always protect your head,  and to be "the strongest person in the world!" (hands raised!).  

There were some three-year-olds in the class, so guess what?  I don't know about you, but when I hear the words "discipline," "self-control" and "focus" the first person who comes to mind is Reed.  

We signed him up too.  There are little white uniforms and oh my goodness there will be photographs. 


Jodi said...

These are my favorite posts! They make me chuckle! So cute!

Jason O'Reilly said...

Killian had an imaginary friend like Matt when he was Reed's age. Din-Din lived a crazy life like Matt, except Din-Din was always at school.

Carver Fam said...

Am I the only one that thinks it is ridiculously funny that BOTH your children have expressed a wanting for themselves or their imaginary friends to have 2 moms?
It's even funnier that they have two moms AND a dad. I mean, why not have more help, I guess?

I, for one, am THRILLED to have a new, non-swear, swearword. You will be hearing me mutter "TAMPIT!" from now on.

Emilie said...

I agree. I think two moms and a dad seems like the way to go.

Lisa said...

For Christmas I'll send you the Karate Kid DVD this year...actually it was just on cable here yesterday and I was admiring Mr. Miyagi all over again and reminiscing when people thought I looked like Elizabeth Shue. :D Good sports choice, guys! Maybe they'll have an extra reason to want to come to Japan someday. Pics, please! (I'm kidding about the DVD, btw.)

Eileen said...

Two things ...

a.) I did the exact same thing as Reed when I was a kid ... strung every bad word I could think of together. I hardly ever got in trouble, but when I did, it was epic.

b.) Karate is good news. I have a very shy 7-year-old who is moderately athletic but has no competitive streak. He sidles through soccer and baseball (which I think are important for the team aspect) trying not to be noticed. But in karate, he ROCKS. It's been so good for him. I hope your kid(s) enjoy it!

April said...

I am laughing so much I am crying! At so many things...but especially at "poor stupod dumb fat" on the way to time out. He is hilarious.