Thursday, November 25, 2010

4th Annual Turkey Trek: look at us now!

The Turkey Trek continues to grow each year, and even though it was in the 20s this morning, we had a beautiful day and a great turn out and I am so thankful for everyone's support. 

It's so great to see some of the same folks coming year after year, and to see new faces that hear about it from friends, and to have students there (who helped me so much today!) and former students home from college.  For me it feels like a giant love fest and I never get enough face time with everyone that I want to talk to.

The food donations were crazy generous, and they are all piled in the back of Susan's van, so I didn't get a count, but I know that most people came in with multiple items and many had grocery bags full of of food.  We'll bring it to Manna Ministries tomorrow.

Once again, look at how our Turkey Trek has grown over the years:
2007:  11
2008: 35
2009: 70
2010: at least 115 (some people didn't sign in), plus lots of kids and dogs. 

My students/ former students (and friends) Marlee, Katy and Grace helped me sign people in, pass out maps, and took a bunch of photos, including lots of shots of people running, so I have a much better documentation of the day.  Thanks, girlies!  And thanks to Susan's family who manned the finish line and handed out prizes and cheered for all the finishers.  The three winners (didn't get their names!) took home the pies we made:  pecan, apple, and chocolate/ walnut.  Happy Thanksgiving to them!

Here I am giving everyone directions/ being bossy.

Here is an unorganized group shot, but there were too many people to get into one picture.
 On your mark, get set,

DOGS!  See Jackson?

The beautiful, sun-soaked trail.


 Roger, Rachel and Tom... what a great shot!

Meegan!  Look how happy everyone is.

Susan, my co-organizer, finishing strong.

Me, wearing 4 shirts.

 Well look who it is!  It's Will!  Not only is Will a Poetry Out Loud champion and a freshman at Harvard, he's also a wicked fast runner.  Some people just have it all. 
Love that Grace and Marlee (where did you go, Katy?) :)

People stood around for quite a long time drinking the coffee donated by Tim Hortons (which incorrectly does not have an apostrophe in its logo, but I'll let that go in the spirit of charity)  and all of the muffins, bread, granola bars and baklava baked by friends.  Then all the sweaty runners got very cold.  I was totally shivering as we got the last things cleaned up, and a hot shower never felt so good. 

Huge thank you again to everyone for coming and being so generous with food donations.  It was a wonderful way to start the day.  By the way, I'm blogging by the fire while Sam cooks Thanksgiving dinner.  Not bad at all.  Happy Thanksgiving!


M. Louise Cunningham said...

Glad to see everyone had such a super time! Maybe next year we will be in the area and I can participate! :)

Brooke said...

Congrats on another successful Turkey Trek! The one we did today was very much a local event too and in the 20s. And I agree about the hot shower observation. Happy Thanksgiving!