Sunday, November 21, 2010

a brief Race Report -and- planning for the Clean Food Challenge

 I am in a great mood.  I love Sunday nights when there are only two days of work ahead of me.  And I had a super productive weekend, and I love Thanksgiving, so I'm happily anticipating the week ahead.

I ran the 3-mile Turkey Trot today in Brewer and was happy to run into a bunch of friends before and after (and during!) the race.  It was cold, in the 30s, and crisp and sunny.  I wanted to beat last year's time and planned to push myself as much as I could.  The first mile I was thinking:  why am I going so slowly and this feels so hard?  But when I passed the mile one marker my watch said  8:35.  No wonder I felt like I was working so hard!  So I just tried to hold onto that pace and I pretty much did,  finishing in 26:20 for a pace of 8:45, 38 seconds faster than last year.  Just seeing that pace on my Garmin, just to be anywhere in the 8s, made me kinda proud.

The weird thing was that I know I could have gone faster, and I can feel myself doing this push-pull thing when I'm running these distances.  I should have/ could have just gone all out for that last mile and run even faster, but I can feel myself holding back because I feel like I'm going to make myself sick and I have a phobia of crossing the finish line and throwing up. Not a pretty image, is it?  Sorry.  So when I start to feel myself pushing too hard, I pull back, even though I'm not sure I've ever pushed myself "too hard."  I just wonder what would happen if I just went for it.  Overall, a great race and a great group of people.

Thursday is the Turkey Trek (4 mile trail run), and then that's it for the year, folks.  That means my race list on the side-bar will be empty.  I'm working on my 2011 list, but it will be sad to have no more races to look forward to this year.  I've had such a blast at each and every race I did, but I guess a little rest is okay too.


Okay, onto the Clean Food Challenge.  I wanted to do a little pre-planning and thinking about this a week in advance and figured those of you that are doing it with us may want some suggestions too.  Please remember I've never done this before so I'll try to share my plans but I'm not sure I can really lead you through this.

Welcome aboard our crazy train, Joanne, Michelle, Susan, Jodi, Brooke, Kirsten, Stephani and maybe Jen :)

Sarah sent me some great documents on Cleansing Diets from her nutritionist/naturopath friend in Colorado that gave me a much better sense of direction.  I'm going to include some highlights here, but if you want to email me (address on the side bar) I will forward you all the documents that have some great information.

Next weekend, in preparation, I'm going to make and store two vegetable stews/ soups from the Clean Food cookbook and I'll share those recipes at that time. I think the key to success for this whole thing is to be prepared and stocked up so I'm not starving and staring at a fridge full of tempting food that I can't eat.

Here is what I can/ will be eating (adapted from Sarah's friend's list)

•   Non-gluten-containing grains such as rice, buckwheat, oats, millet, amaranth, quinoa*
Fresh wild-caught salmon, wild game, organic or free-range chicken and turkey
ALL Legumes and dried beans such as kidney, black, pinto, garbanzo, lentils
Pumpkin and sunflower seeds, almonds, cashews, pecans, walnuts, pistachios
Rice milk, oat milk, various nut milks like almond or hemp.
Almond butter, tahini (sesame), cashew and other seed butters
ALL VEGETABLES such as alfalfa sprouts, artichoke, asparagus, beets, bell peppers, bok choy, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, carrot, cauliflower, celery, chard, cucumber, green beans, endive, eggplant, escarole, jicama, kale, kohlrabi, lettuce (all types), mushrooms, mung beans, okra, onions, parsnips, peas, radish, rutabaga, squash (all types), spinach, snow peas, sweet potato, taro, turnips, water chestnuts, yams, yellow beans, zucchini
Homemade soups made from ingredients on this list, or dehydrated soups that use these ingredients. Try miso soup – miso paste in hot water, adding onion, seaweed and tofu if you like.
Freshly juiced organic fruits or vegetables (except citrus or strawberries)
Fresh, organic, and unsweetened fruits (no dried, citrus, or strawberries) such as apple, organic applesauce, apricots, avocado, blueberries, banana, kiwi, melon, papaya, peach, pear, pineapple, plums, raspberries, grapes.
Non-citrus herbal tea
Herbs and seasonings such as basil, bay, caraway, chives, cinnamon, curry, dill, dry mustard, garlic, ginger, mace, marjoram, mint, nutmeg, parsley, poppy seeds, balsamic or rice vinegar, savory, tarragon
Sweeteners such as agave, brown rice syrup, pure maple syrup, rice nectar, raw honey, stevia, or xylitol in moderation.
Sea salts with a pinkish or grayish color (trace mineral content). A good brand is Redmond.

Here is a sample of what I'll eat:
Breakfast:  green tea, a fruit-based green smoothie, and oatmeal with banana and some agave nectar.
Lunch:  Big green salad with veggies and beans (lemon juice and olive oil dressing) and a baked sweet potato.
Dinner:  Vegetable Stews made with barley or quinoa OR organic salmon, brown rice, and veggies.
Snacks:  bananas, apples, fresh-juices, tea, roasted almonds, cashews.

Other Suggestions:
"Good Belly" probiotic drink (dairy/gluten/soy free)
extra fiber supplement
good daily vitamin
liver detox tea

Grey areas/ questions:
Tofu is processed and has more ingredients than I thought, so should I avoid that?
Can you get almond or rice milk that isn't processed/ doesn't have other ingredients?
Do you think plain pop corn is okay?
How about honey?
Eggs would help a lot because they are filling, but they are on the NO list from Sarah's friend.  


My thought, after writing all of that, is how good would a whole baguette and wheel of brie taste right now?


Jennifer said...

Helllllooooo...what a kick ass time at the race today! You go girl! And might I say, I TOTALLY get the not wanting to push yourself for fear of throwing up at the finish line. Vomiting and passing out are my two biggest fears after a race. Maybe we should work on that :)

Out of curiosity, why no strawberries or citrus on the cleansing?

Emilie said...

Thanks, Jen! you totally get me. :)

No idea about citrus and strawberries. Maybe Sarah knows... Sarah?

Anonymous said...

Love the updates...just wondering about the dining room also! xoxo! R U ready for Thanksgiving?

Kim Oldenburgh said...

Emilie-I'm thinking of trying this but maybe the week after you do it so I'll have a chance to get everything I need! No Greek yogurt? That might be a deal breaker for me! I couldn't find it in the area of FL we were in and boy did I miss and crave it!

FrauB said...

When I read Run Like a Mother, one of the writers said that she finally went all out and ran until her "tank was empty" and it was like a mile shy of the finish on a race. She said it was a great feeling to have finally pushed as hard as she could.

SNW said...

re: grey area-- i'm not a tofu-cooking vegetarian myself, rather an obsessive tempeh eater.. i guess that's processed, too? i'll be eating a lot of nut protein, then!

Emilie said...

steph.. tempeh is actually considered an un-processed soy product. You might look for organic, but I think tempeh is good! How do you cook it?

SNW said...

my favorite, the easiest, is just to crumble it up and brown it in olive oil with garlic and pepper, then toss it on salads or pasta. mmmm. (is olive oil on the okay list?)

Airy Nothing said...

Love the cleanse idea! And I might even join too!

Regarding your question about tofu, though, I suggest that you nix it. Soy, unless it's fermented, acts as an estrogen mimicker. Also, it's rather difficult on the digestive tract...

Sarah said...

The cleanse is (hopefully) supposed to help you figure out what food sensitivities you have, which is why they eliminate all foods that could be potential allergens. (Citrus and strawberries are potential allergens). I also would recommend dumping soy... it's really overprocessed and not at all "clean" although I am worried about my protein intake. I will not be able to give up exercise for a week but i will try to take it easy, and I'm not training for anything big right now so it's sorta the perfect time to do this.

After the 7 days, it is recommended to slowly introduce one food at a time to see if your body reacts. So, dairy for three days. Then wheat, then soy, then sugar, etc. The few people I've known to do this have major eye-opening experiences with their own bodies and they understand more about how certain types of foods affect them.

Now that this thing is less than I week away, I am so nervous! I also found out my husband is going to be away for most of it, which means I am going to be doing all the cooking for the kiddos. I think i'm going to need to plan ahead.

Brooke said...

lol to the last sentence.

i am ready. thanks for the menu suggestions.

wildsojourn said...

Hey Emilie,

If you're still doing the cleanse, you could try "sprouted tofu" by Wildwood to ease your tofu concerns. It's a little easier to digest, usually, and is considered to be more of a whole food. I eat a lot of tofu, though, and tempeh, too, so am clearly a believer that soy's a pretty healthy food in moderation (less than two servings a day, five days a week, as Dr. Weil and my naturopath suggest is fine if you aren't allergic, even when cleansing. I have taken breaks from soy for up to a week, and I can't tell the difference the way I can with other processed foods.) And hey, a few years back, Sam made me some tempeh with banana salsa that rocked my world--still a recipe I drag out for guests. It was marinated in balsamic first, I think. He made some neat lime curls that I've never been able to figure out...anyway, good luck. This looks awesome. I am a twice a year "cleanser," so I get it!


Anyway, cheers.