Monday, November 29, 2010

CFC Day One: I feel cleaner already

Our day did not start out well.  When I woke Skyler up for school, she was feverish and I knew that the sore throat and ear ache she'd been complaining about could not be ignored anymore.  It was stressful and Sam and I argued and I started my Clean Food Challenge with my emotions all in a frenzy and a sick kid.  I also had a sore throat and general achy body.  Awesome.

But then I went to work and got into a groove, drank my water, did deep breathing.

Keep Calm.  Carry On.

I decided that I might as well add in more patience and kindness to this Clean Food Challenge.  Here's to a healthier December in all kinds of ways.

Breakfast:  Oatmeal with a drizzle of maple syrup.  1 cup coffee with a little agave (really missed the creamy element here).  Smoothie with carrot juice, kale, banana, strawberries and ice.

Morning snack:  almonds, pear.

Lunch:  Quinoa Salad, tea, some grapes.

Afternoon snack:  rice cakes with almond butter and banana slices

Dinner:  big bowl of Curried Sweet Potato Soup and 2 plates of greens with this Japanese Peanut Salad Dressing that is amazing.  I substituted the sugar with 1/4 cup agave which was more than enough.

Overall, my eating day went great.  What was weird was in the after-school hours when I'm usually constantly snacking, I really wasn't hungry, even though I kept asking myself:  "Are you sure you aren't hungry?"  I did prepare tortellini for my kids and a platter of cheese and crackers for Lila and Joe, and I had to stop myself several times from automatically helping myself, but I stayed true to the plan.  My only struggle today was getting enough water.  I think I drank a little over half of what I should be drinking, so we'll see if I can get more tomorrow.

We just said good bye to Lila and Joe after a great visit with them.  I'm off to bed and hoping for a healthy Skyler in the morning.

Here is SARAH's take on Day 1:
I woke up at 5:45am and drank 2 glasses of water which I never do.  So good to rinse out in the morning!  I DID drink coffee but just one cup, with a tablespoon of soy milk.  For breakfast: huge salad with balsamic vinegar dressing and apple slices and almond butter.  For snack: rice cake with almond butter and honey.  lunch was leftover turkey, cranberries, and another big salad with olive oil and salt.  I plan to have a snack this afternoon of salted avocado and red pepper slices, and maybe some almonds.  dinner is turkey rice soup and baked sweet potato.

I  feel good so far, but it's only been 8 hours. In order for me to get in a gallon of water/day, I need to d
o several "guzzle" sessions which makes me feel like I'm back in college pounding beer.  har har!!!

Other Clean Food Challenge Participants Blogging (leave a comment if you want to be added to this list that I'll post daily)

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Good work, team!


SNW said...

blogging, too. xo

Kirsten said...

In all, good. The food went well but not so much the liquids. I have to be better about water tomorrow! I focused mostly on food and my lack of half-n-half today :-) no sugar before bed though!

Laura said...

So far so good!

Jennifer said...

I agree that getting in all of that water is tough. I filled a gallon container and put it in the fridge, knowing I needed to be done with it by the end of the a little over half finished. On a really positive note, I discovered that I can adapt my black bean and pumpkin chili to be vegan, so I throughly enjoyed that for dinner last night...and breakfast after my run this morning! :)

Jodi said...

Day two was a success! It's been fun reading everyone's first day experiences!

Michelle said...

Hi all,
I am going to wait to do this next week so I can pick and choose from all your recipes :)
My goal for this week is to up my water intake. I bought one of those Camelback water bottles that Emilie blogged about last week... how many times do I need to fill that baby up a day? Like 5???

Way to go everyone!! Happy cleansing!

bondo-5 said...

I have not "committed" in its entirety to the CFC. (So I did not "officially" sign up!) But I found myself intrigued with the thoughts of how I could feel if I committed 100%! My day started out like yours...2 sick children and a grocery list I made after checking out what everyone was eating. Needless to say I had to improvise and tried my best at eating clean foods with whatever I had on hand! So curious to try your Carrot/Quinoa salad! Thanks for coming up with this great idea right after Thanksgiving!

bodegabliss said...

I am embarrassed to say that I was not able to start this week. It was bad timing all around and I also couldn't justify wasting all of the Thanksgiving leftovers! But I am starting this Sunday once I am able to go grocery shopping, and you guys are all really making me excited to do it! I also bought one of the Camelbak water (maybe they'll sponsor you!). So Michelle, I'll be with you next week!

And nice job so far, ladies! You're inspiring!