Tuesday, November 30, 2010

CFC Day Two: remember how good bread was?

 I woke up hungry and kind of empty/ headachy feeling, still trying to fight this sickness, so I ate a big breakfast.  An hour later, I felt much better. Skyler was better enough for a half day of school.  I left early to get her so she didn't get overtired. She seems to be over the worst of it; phew.

When I walked into Reed's school this morning, the whole place smelled like cinnamon rolls, which were baking in the kitchen for the kids' morning snack.  Very weak moment right there.  I really missed bread/ bagels today.  I assume that is because I usually eat a lot of bread and bagels and I love them so.

I do love that as I plan and eat my meals so deliberately, I feel like I'm being really kind and good to myself. 

Breakfast, 5:30 am:   2 eggs and 1/2 cup of oatmeal with a little maple syrup.  1 cup coffee with a little agave.

On the way to work, 6:45 am, I sipped on a smoothie:  orange/ carrot/ spinach/ blueberry/ banana.

Snack, 9:30:  almonds and pear.

Lunch:  Quinoa Salad, clementine.

After school:  Rice cakes with almond butter, banana slices and agave and green tea.

Dinner:  Spinach salad with lemon and olive oil and two Black Bean Burgers.

Snack:  popcorn with some salt.

The Black Bean Burgers were pretty good; I just made up a recipe. I combined 1 can of organic black beans, 1 egg, 1 sweet potato (cubed and boiled), 3/4 cup cooked quinoa, 1/2 a diced white onion,  some cumin, chili powder and salt and mashed it all up.

I just finished my 4th bottle of water, so 96 ounces.  That's not quite a gallon but it felt like all I could do today.  

I can't tell how I'm feeling in terms of the CFC because I'm kind of sick with a sore throat.  How are you guys feeling today?

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Anonymous said...

Susan here:
Yeah, toast and butter sound pretty good right now, but I am appreciating the freedom from my candy addiction. Also, I agree that the water intake is a bit of a challenge. I told one class that I was trying to drink a gallon of water, and they about died laughing at me!

Jonesinmaine said...

Becca here-
Day 2 was much better. Loving my oatmeal, almond butter and banana breakfast. I am definitely not drinking enough water, hoping to do better tonight since I am at work. That is going to be my biggest challenge, working over nights...we'll see.
Dinner was pumpkin soup and quinoa salad. Pretty tasty!

Jennifer said...

I agree that day 2 was easier...even after watching my family eat pizza for dinner!

Michelle said...

Hi again!
I just wanted to report in on successfully finishing my gallon of water for the day! Oh my word! Why is a gallon necessary, I'm curious? What a great weight loss trick. I felt full all day but the flip side was obvious. Em, you must need to run to the ladies room after each and every class! Ha!
Also, I wanted to say that in addition to upping my water this week I am also recording everything I eat during the day. You know the trick... I am less likely to grab it and snack on it if I have to write it down. I'm getting excited for the challenge next week! I love looking at all your tasty and healthy recipes! Way to go everyone! Keep up the good work!!

Kirsten said...

Day 2 -I drank more water, but still not enough! I feel good as far as food goes but I am also sick--have been for a week, so it's hard to know. I'm hoping this diet and the water will help me kick this bug tho!

Mary IronMatron said...

You are all amazing. I have yet to give up bread for even one day of my life! I'm that bad!

Jodi said...

Day two recap posted! Definitely a lot tougher than Day one! ha. onward and upward, friends!

Kath said...

Day 3 was much better. Water intake is so much easier today. yesterday was a struggle towards the end of the day. I am also seeing some physical results-- can it be so soon? :) Heck I will take it-- no stomach bloating and my skin is feeling dewy :) I slipped my kinda skinny--tighter jeans on and well they felt loose :)

Thanks for inspiring me to start this and stick with it :)