Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dining Room: Before and After

 This is kind of cheating because the before pictures look so bad, everything taken down and all the painting stuff out, but I like the dramatic effect. 

After all of the color samples, Sam picked the color when I couldn't decide.  He was pushing toward the terra cotta and I was pushing toward orange, though it's funny how many people have said:  "I'm glad you didn't paint your dining room orange!"  Where is the adventure, people?

But after seeing the new color up, I will say that although I wouldn't have picked it, it looks awesome and the color suits the house better, it's more classic, and it looks great with the pumpkin pine floors.  So, here you go!


AFTER:  The color is called "Masada" but Christine renamed it "Nutmeg" and I like that much better.

I don't know what I was thinking when I got these chairs with an off-white fabric.  And this is the table where we paint and do projects, so needless the say, the fabric was trashed.

For $6.00 of fabric, new chairs!  And I can change them again whenever I need to.

Home improvement projects really bring out the best in our marriage (sarcasm).  Hanging curtains at 10:00 the other night went like this:

Whoa.  Hey.

Also, we haven't gotten a new light fixture yet and we need to strip and refinish the table, but the room has a nice feel to it just in time for our Thanksgiving feast. 

Have a wonderful holiday, everyone, and I'll see many of you tomorrow morning at the Turkey Trek!


Amanda said...

LOVE it...It really brings such a warm feeling.

Danielle Frottier said...

love, love, love the color! Looks great with the wood floors. Enjoy! Are you celebrating Thanksgiving in that room this year? Very festive.

Elizabeth said...

It looks BEAUTIFUL--love the color.
Can't wait to see it in person (and to dine in your gorgeous new dining room). I hope the "cleansing" is over by the time i am back!!!

elizabeth said...

LOVE the colors...and LOVE you guys! Happy Thanksgiving! : )

Jodi said...

Love, love, love the color. it truly does look so warm next to the wood floor!

Carver Fam said...

Hello! I'm in love. What is it about the colors we paint our houses that make me hungry?

I love that you posted that pic of Sam. That is so Sam. I love you Sam. You will give the finger on behalf of the rest of us that won't. (although I think i did the other day.)

Nancy said...

Mom always says that any couple that can wallpaper together and stay together is doing well. With us it's painting. Our solution: he paints, I paper. Either way, in our house that gesture would be more about "I'm working and you're taking @#&$&! pictures for the @#$&! blog?!?!!" after which I'd have paint in my hair or ice down my shorts. Or both. Anyway, it looks gorgeous and the marriage appears to be in tact. Nice job, you two. Happy feast day tomorrow.

Lisa said...

Beautiful! Just in time for the biggest feast of the year. You're so good that way. Hope to see it with all that food I'm missing out on and your in-laws if you can get some photos in of them. So miss you all!

Jillian @ Reshape Your Life said...

It looks beautiful!

Brooke said...

nice - you nailed it!

Carly said...

Love how it turned out. It really makes the room look warm and cozy.