Wednesday, December 1, 2010

CFC: It's Day three and I have to pee.

Much, much better today!  My cold has actually started to break up, so my nose is running and I'm coughing, but this is huge progress from the dull aches of the past few days.  I might even be ready for a run tomorrow! And I'm currently at the bottom of my last water bottle, which means I  drank a full gallon of water, and oh my Holy Hannah, did I pee a lot.

This is me all day:  " Hold on!"  "One Second!"  "Gotta go!"  "Be right back!"

Yesterday I went out and got some Almond Milk, which I had previously not gotten because it has some unfamiliar sounding ingredients in it?  But I saw that others were having soy or almond milk, and I thought "Everybody's doing it!"  I was so excited for my coffee this morning b/c I thought it would actually taste creamy, and it was not.  Blech.  Unsweetened Almond Milk in coffee = a no go.  Back to black tomorrow!  I also had the brilliant idea to add organic apple sauce to my oatmeal and that wasn't good either!  Oh well, live and learn.

Here's my eating day... no photos, way too busy.
Breakfast:  Bad coffee, bad oatmeal!

Snack:  clementine and almonds

Lunch:  more Curried Sweet Potato Soup (so satisfying and good, still not tired of it!)

After school: whole banana with almond butter and maple syrup, eaten with a fork!  Delicious.

Dinner:  I crumbled up 2 black bean burgers with 2 eggs and made a black bean scramble.  Again, really good!

I ate dinner at 5:30 and I swear to you that I'm not truly hungry for a snack, so I'm just going to go to bed (It's 8:15 pm). 

Tomorrow I'll have time to make a new big pot of soup out of the Clean Food Cookbook.

My hunch is that each day gets easier, so hang in there if you're struggling!  Okay!  Gotta go pee!

Here is an update from Sarah:
In the past 2.5 days, it has been surprisingly easy for me to give up dairy, wheat, and sugar. My little cup of coffee in the morning has sustained me! The water consumption has been not a problem as long as I do several guzzle sessions.

I found some great snacks- Kind bars and Two Moms in the Raw gluten free, dairy free granola.  I miss my dark chocolate at night but I am proud of myself for not succumbing.

Wish me luck in the next 5 days. We are headed to Asheville from Grand Junction and 3 flights with 3 kids may make me crave the junk food. 

(so impressive, Sarah!  Hope you are safely in NC by now).

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Joanne said...

How are you doing about the temptations with what is prepared for your kids and your husband? I find this to be the difficult thing - especially with not wanting to waste what is already in the cupboards. But I guess that is the thing - to completely clean out pantry and stock with clean food basics and go from there.
I think that besides getting rid of the allergens - and dairy, wheat, sugar - the "cleanse" way of eating could be a lifestyle w/ food change. It is definitely a big drop in calories if you look at what you are not taking in - mainly empty flour and sugar calories (and the jumps in blood sugars). Do you feel less of the ups and downs of changes in blood sugar? We felt more even when we did a serious vegetarian 10-day in the spring.
Keep going strong! Even though I am not following completely clean this time around, you are inspiring and I am taking a lot with me for my own daily changes and motivations. Thanks Emilie!

Rachel said...

Hi Emilie, I love your blog and wish you best of luck with the clean food challenge. I wonder, have you tried this oatmeal preparation method?
It's changed my breakfast life. I used to hate oatmeal and now enjoy it on a regular basis. It's pretty quick and easy, too.

Zoe Kreitzer said...

I too have experienced the mistake of almond milk in coffee. In cereal, I love it. But it almost tastes... well, rancid is the first word that springs to mind. Naaaasty.

jenn said...

Have you ever tried hemp milk? I love to drink Yerba Mate which is full of antioxidants and also try Kombucha with ginger occasionally for the probiotic advantage.

Nancy said...

You may have noticed an absence of me commenting on your CFC. Let's just say that's a leeeetle too advanced for the junk-food-lovin' residents at our house. However, I applaud your dedication and ambition and enjoy reading of your adventures. And I'll try to boost my water consumption because that's always a good idea and something even I could handle!

Jodi said...

Emilie! Your post made me chuckle. I was going to talk about the many trips to the bathroom but didn't! I'm glad i'm not the only one. I had to get used to the Almond Milk addition too. It definitely doesn't beat creamer, that's for sure. Hope your Day Four goes just as well and that you get a chance to run. Recap (on day three) is posted for me too!

Jennifer said...

Day 4 is definitely going much better then yesterday. I got over the hump...yeah! So I just reinvented my butternut squash and apple bisgue recipe (yes, the one I STILL haven't made for you Emilie), and it came out great...and so easy. I sauteed two chopped leeks, a large onion and bunch of celery in a little bit of oil, then added two chopped butternut squash and 5 granny smith apples, cover 3/4 of the way with veggie broth, and simmer until all soft. Blend all together until smooth, and add cinnamon, nutmeg and pure maple syrup to taste. makes a VAT of soup, so you may want to reduce amount. And if I happened to add something here that is not on our clean eating list, don't tell me :) (wasn't sure about the maple syrup).

wildsojourn said...

Have you tried coconut milk in your coffee? Don't know if that's allowed. I use it during cleanses for both coffee and tea and it feels like a treat, actually...

Kirsten said...

Hahaha! Almond milk. I have amazing powers of denial and I'm doing ok with it. It is weird in coffee tho--but desperation calls for...