Tuesday, December 14, 2010

choose and cut.

This is the last year that the beautiful Christmas tree farm at the end of our street will be open, so that was a little sad. 

There is something so classic and timeless about this simple act of cutting our own tree and dragging it home, hanging twinkly things on it, and sitting around it for the rest of the day, inhaling the piney smell and feeling Christmasy through and through.

We got a big fat one this year.  It was a beast to get home.

It's so tiring watching Daddy chop down a tree. 

I love it when Sam wears these ski pants with the suspenders and sets to work around the house.

It makes me want to call him "Pa" and say things like:  "Supper's on!"

I'm ready to get all the stressful parts of Christmas completed so we can take some deep breaths and enjoy.  Thanks for all the kind notes about yesterday; we're doing much, much better today.  Hope everyone is having a great week.


Zoe Kreitzer said...

It's always sad when little bits of nostalgia fade. :( But there's always new memories to create! Maybe next year you could try Nutkin Knoll. We always go there for our Christmas tree. It's in Newburg and it is so picturesque. The trees go on forever, they have hot cider and cookies, and sheep and ponies to pet. We've known the family for years, it's always fun going back.

Brooke said...

what a great picture of you and reed. you look beautiful!

Joanne said...

Strong family for sure!
Now that the floods are over, may the FUN step back up in the spotlight.
Happy Holidays!

Allie @ Healthy Balance, Healthy Life said...

Aw, I love this post. The pictures are beautiful and calming. Thanks :)

Mary IronMatron said...

wait wait... there are some less stressful parts of Christmas?
You guys look like a such a beautiful, rugged Maine family.
humph. I want to move to Maine! weep weep!
Sorry about the last year of the farm/cut your own tree...
(at least you don't live down here though.... we go to the garden center on Route 1--cars whizzing by at 60 mph... )
I got the mat, FYI, and it's super! :) Thanks!

Aileen said...

I love that your family spend quality time like this together. Its funny how the simple things in life such as gathering as a family to cut a Christmas tree will be a cherished memory in your children for years to come.