Saturday, December 25, 2010

christmas, documented.

 On Christmas Eve, we cooked most of the day and then got ready for a 4:00 church service.  Not at all sure why I took this photo after they were showered and dressed but before I dried Skyler's hair.  We were a little hurried.
 We were joined by Suzanne, Ella, Maya and Suzanne's mom Jan, and of course, my mom, for Christmas Eve dinner.  We missed Sandi, a nurse in the ICU, who had to work Christmas Eve and Christmas day.   Here are the kids about to open their Christmas Eve present.
 So happy and so silly in their matching pjs.

 We had a civilized, quiet sit-down dinner while the kids watched Christmas movies in the other room.

Christmas morning.  The kids slept until 7:15.  How very reasonable!

When I was a kid, waiting at the top of the stairs on Christmas morning were the longest minutes of my life.  (My parents insisted on walking the dog, making coffee, showering and shaving before we were allowed downstairs).  We only made Skyler and Reed wait for a few minutes.  I was just as excited as they were.  (But can we just pause for a moment to appreciate how much work goes into this holiday when you are the parents?).  Okay, thanks.
 Everything was ready.  And then they came in!  Magic.  Reed was actually speechless for a full minute.

The kids were thrilled with their gifts, and as a result, this was the most relaxing day.  We were able to just hang out while the kids sorted, organized and played with all of their new toys.  There were new books to read, new art supplies, a new desk, a new bike, new dolls, a Spiderman backpack, Spiderman helmet, Spiderman stickers, Spiderman coloring book, Spiderman action figures, Spiderman puzzle, Spiderman band-aids, and just to bring it all home, a 3ft tall Spiderman wall decal.  Thanks, Aunt Liesel!

We ate our traditional brunch, a Sausage-Egg and Cheese Strata, German Christmas Stollen, and Fruit Salad.  This is such an important part of our Christmas, and it was the same brunch my sister and brother were eating in Utah right about the same time. 

We watched the kids play, took naps on the couch, I went for a short run, and then we moved over to my mom's for Beef Wellington, roasted potatoes and onions and green beans, also the same meal we've had on Christmas since I was a kid. 

I'm full.  Of family, food, and the comforts of home.  And tomorrow?  A 5K in the morning and then a (reportedly) HUGE BLIZZARD.

Merry Christmas, indeed.


Natalie said...

This could potentially sound weird, and I'm aware of that. However, I needed to tell you anyway. I waited for this post today; I love reading about family traditions. I especially love the simplicity of the gifts that Santa brings Reed and Skylar. My cousin's 7-year-old got his own flat screen tv - totally ridiculous. Bikes and desks and books - that's where it's at. Merry Christmas!!!

Angela said...

So happy the Manharts had a great day!!!!!! We had an amazing and magical day over here too. :) Merry Christmas and enjoy your vacation!