Friday, December 3, 2010

cool, calm, collected: that's what we are.

things we say:

slow is smooth, smooth is fast • this too shall pass •  my God is bigger than this mountain • just keep swimming • let it go, let it flow • lie back and the sea will hold you •  attraversiamo • this is not forever.  this is not forever.  •  it could be much, much worse. •  keep breathing •  you never know what will happen tomorrow so appreciate today • keep calm and carry on •  i am awakening my heart •  be your own good mother •  the Universe wants it this way; it will all turn out right in the end • all in time • it may not be perfect, but it's good enough • it's almost the weekend •  om-namah-shivaya • just keep running • it's not worth the stress • head up. heart up • strong and smooth • breathe in for luck, let it out then let it go • let it go like water over the rocks.

things we do:

ten long slow breaths and count to ten  • take a walk • do yoga • go running • swear • sleep • give thanks.


There were 31 comments on the blog plus the first one that came via email, so I did this...

#30 was Mary who writes the blog Mary Iron Matron.  I laughed out loud when #30 came up because I had just read a funny post on Mary's blog last week about how in the middle of yoga class she realized that her yoga mat had been peed on by her puppy.  How very timely!  I've been reading Mary's blog for a while and she's hilarious and also a seriously impressive triathlete and coach.  Mary, claim your prize with an email.

Thanks for all the calming mantra ideas, everyone. 


Mary IronMatron said...

Thank you, Emilie! yay! I'm so excited and I really do need a yoga mat now! I can't get rid of the pee smell....