Thursday, December 16, 2010

my first fashion post

And by fashion, I mean home-made, budget, comfy, cotton scarves.  Is that fashion? 

This is Marlee.  She is my student and babysitter and she's super creative and a talented artist. 

Last week I was admiring my friend Suzanne's scarf.  It's an "infinity scarf" which you probably know means it has no end; it's just a giant tube.  I love the concept because you don't have to tie it or have it come undone or do anything fussy with it. 

Marlee came in to class wearing one this week and I said:  "I WANT ONE OF THOSE!"  And then she told me her trick, which is to make them by cutting a piece of an XL soft t-shirt and then doubling it around your neck.  I not-so-subtly mentioned that I REALLY WANTED ONE and the next day she delivered.  That's Marlee for you.

Marlee said our photo shoot looked like a catalog for teachers (because the chalk board behind us).  HA.

Just think of the possibilities!  All of your old soft shirts that you don't wear anymore, even old sweaters, or buy cheap t-shirts and cut them off under the arm pits, and voila.  Cute scarf. 

Thanks, Marlee! 


Dave Chapman said...

I love this!

FrauB said...

So can I ask for a couple of specifics?
1. Does Marlee use the whole body/torso of the t-shirt? As in cut it off just under the pits?
2. Since that would result in a rolled hem, does she then cut off the bottom hem to match?

Emilie said...

Laura... I was JUST thinking this morning how I should have been clear about the bottom hem.

She did cut off the bottom hem, and then she cut off a significant chunk but not the whole thing from arm pits to bottom. When it's all straightened out, it's probably 12 to 14 inches wide. I'm not sure where she got the shirt, but it's super soft cotton and I think it has to be in order to feel good. hope that makes sense. xo

Jodi said...

Yay for fashion posts! I love this. what a great idea!

Nancy said...

hmmm.....stocking stuffers for every girl on my list?!?! Love it! Thanks!

SNW said...

agreed, hope my sister and BFF don't read this before xmas! :) it's like my favorite funky scarf from STUDIO in Orono, only a couple bucks instead of 20-some-odd!

Brooke said...

I'm proud to be related to Marlee! SO cool!