Monday, December 13, 2010

this is me not complaining

here's how it went down:

Sunday I felt really sick, but I could not tell if I was having full-on body aches or if I was just really sore from cross-country skiing, but I did have (still) a really bad cough.  I tried to do everything I had to do, but ended up crashing from 4-7 while Sam totally rallied and took care of everything, fed the kids, made dinner, cleaned the house, bath, bedtime, the whole thing.  In the evening, I was up for a few hours deciding if I was well enough to go to school and I decided to wait until morning to see how I felt.

At 3:00 a.m. Sam called for me to come downstairs.  It was pouring rain, the power was out, which means the sump pump was out, and the basement was filling with water fast.  From 3:00 until 3:45 or 4:00, I filled buckets while Sam ran them upstairs and dumped them in the downstairs bathtub.  So literally, he was running down the stairs, grabbing a filled 10-gallon bucket and running up the stairs and I'd have the next one full by the time he returned.  He was sweating, but a flooded basement is his biggest fear with our house so he was running on adrenaline.  The only reason I stopped filling buckets was because Reed came down and needed to be taken back to bed.  Sam kept this routine up (without my help now) until 5:40 am, at which point he was no longer keeping ahead of the water and it was rising fast.  It was past his ankles.  (We don't have any stuff in our basement.. it's a dirt-floor, ax-murderer type of basement, but the furnace.  The furnace!  That was the fear).

I called and found out Home Depot opened at 6:00 a.m. and Sam flew off (he looked like a crazy man)  to buy a generator.  When he came back, I asked him how much it cost.  He said:  "you don't want to know."  So I asked again and he told me.  He was right.  I did not want to know.

He had the generator running within a few minutes and the water drained right out once the sump pump was going again.  The water had gotten within 2 inches of our furnace, so Sam earned some serious super-hero status for saving that one.  It could have been so much worse. He was a man of all action and no hesitation.  I think if I had been home alone I would have stood at the top of the stairs and yelled profanities at the rising water.

My calming mantra of "let it flow like water" just didn't have the same effect today.

We had both called in to work due to the fact that we'd been up all night and had no power and the house was trashed with mud tracks everywhere and also, we could not iron clothes or shower.  AND NO COFFEE. 

The power came back on late morning and we have totally cleaned everything up, gotten some sleep, and are ready to face the day tomorrow.

But you know how bad things come in threes?  We got them all in short order.
TWO:  Our washing machine has a crack in it and is leaking water,  and it's old, so we need to buy another one right away. 

THREE:  Tonight I found a package from UPS on my front porch, the box with the Christmas cards I ordered, sitting right out in the rain, and yes, the package was soaked through, and yes, many of them were ruined, and yes I filed a claim with UPS.

I'd like to yell to the world:  SERIOUSLY?  AND IT'S ONLY MONDAY?

But really.  I'm not complaining, because I have my healthy kids and my strong husband who saved the day, and we have a (please God don't spring a leak) roof over our heads, and we have a beautiful Christmas tree ( pictures?  the cord to download photos off my camera broke yesterday, but that's okay too.)  And no matter how stressful things were today, Sam and I were a team and we stayed calm.  And this is all small stuff in the long run.

And it's Christmas time, so I'm not going to let these bad things bring me down.  No big deal.  I mean, what are credit cards for anyway?

Merry Christmas, everyone!  I'll try to get those photos of us cutting down our Christmas tree tomorrow.  xo


Brooke said...

what a total bummer! i'm so sorry emilie :-(

Jodi said...

how crazy! keep your chin up Emilie! I dont know why it seems to all happen at once but it does sometimes. someone somewhere must have a sense of humor! here's to a stress free christmas for you and your family. you've earned it, i think!

kristin marie said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the cars! (that was always our december problem - though I sympathize having also purchased a dryer the day after christmas a couple years ago) And our Christmas cards are currently lost - mailed 8 days ago priority USPS, no claim possible!

Carver Fam said...

I feel your pain. Strong work, Manharts. Strong work...

Nitsirk said...

We bought a generator last year. We don't have a basement issue but we do lose power a lot and that means no water (well pump) or heat. I am not sending Christmas cards this year. It is part of my plan for reducing holiday stress and simplifying things. Hang in there. The generator will pay for itself (cheaper than a furnace!).

defining moments said...

Sweetie pie! Well at least i know we are not the only ones this crap happens to! hahaha.. And you and Sam being a good team when things go to ****, is what is important. Having a generator back east is a good idea anyway! i love and miss you dearly.

defining moments said...

One of our dogs got bit by a rattle snake and cost 1300.00 to save her! I got rear ended and my car costs about 4500.00 dollars to fix - thank God it was the other guys fault!! ....mmmmm what else can i tell you has happened in the last couple of weeks? Tony is convinced he did something horrible and he is getting paid back. I try and tell him everyone has their own fires to walk through. you have a wonderful attitude my dear friend.i love you and hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

Kirsten said...

So we had an ax-murderer dirt floor basement in our house in MA. Except here was the situation: half the "basement" was really a rock that sloped down toward the sorta finished part of the first floor AND our furnace which lived in the dirt part. Every spring half the Atlantic ocean came up as the rain came down the slope. It was a nice, restful waterfall. We put our furnace up on cement blocks. We had a sump pump too and now you have a generator for the Armegedon, BUT you might consider the cement blocks.

And Emilie? It's fully ok to complain. Even though you do have every amazing thing that makes life good--your night/following day with the washer sucked. This is how we feel about things like: the mechanic, the IRS, anything boring but expensive like roofs etc. These ARE what credit cards are for. This and Lenox Christmas ornaments that commemorate every major life moment you can think of. Mine came today. xo

Michelle said...

and i??? i was up all night (the same night mind you) cleaning up and tending to not one, not two, not three, not four, but all five of my family members who were throwing up every 10 minutes (plus some rear end action). i am the last man standing. somehow i was spared the illness... but not the mess.

i'm tired. todd will finally go back to work tomorrow.

may you be spared any more disasters this season. I think we've earned that!!!

Nancy said...

Yesterday I had one of those grumpy days where every tiny thing annoys me greatly and I am very vocal about it and Alan has to tell me to back off on the kids....and at some point I just knew that I would look back on it later and feel really guilty for the way I behaved and really lucky for what I have when I found out that someone else I love was experiencing something truly awful. You and Sam are superheroes to be sure, not just by your actions but by your attitudes. Meanhwile, I laughed out loud at the (in)appropriateness of your mantra and I want to see the Lenox ornaments that depict a generator-powered sump pump and a cracked washing machine! Love you all!