Friday, January 14, 2011

first marathon: Go Brooke!

My friend Brooke is running her first marathon this weekend, and it has been so much fun to track her training and enthusiasm and nerves throughout the last few months.  It feels very familiar to me, and so charged with energy, all the thought that goes into this very big day.

Brooke and I went to high school in Michigan together and swam on the swim team.  It is again thanks to blogs and facebook that we have been able to stay so connected.

Brooke lives in Arizona and will be running the Rock n' Roll Marathon in Phoenix this Sunday.  I am VERY excited that she signed me up to receive text message updates during the race, which means that if the system works (the tracking system during my SF marathon sadly did not work), I will receive texts when she crosses over electronic mats at about 4 points on the course and one when she finishes.  I will be thinking so hard about her, so it will be very cool to have a link to how she is doing.

Brooke is the mom to two girls, Johanna age 2 1/2, and Emmy, just 7 months old.  It's AMAZING that she started her training with such a young baby, and that one of the things she is stressed about is where she will find a place to nurse Emmy at the finish line.  That's one powerful mama.

Brooke has been dealing with an achilles injury through much of her training, so we all need to wish her a pain-free 26.2 miles on Sunday.  She will be writing a "first marathon" race report here on my blog next week so you can hear how it went.  Go BROOKE!  May the wind be at your back!


kara said...

Go Brooke!! You have a huge support group! You are going do great!! Sending you lots of love. Em, you rock and I am blessed to call you my friend. I love your blog!

Cat said...

GOOOOO BROOKE! Best of luck and wishign you no pain!