Saturday, January 22, 2011

meanwhile, on the home front...

Skyler and Reed collided during some exuberant play in the hallway.  Reed has a shiner and Skyler a lump on the forehead. 

I'm fighting a cold, and the situation obviously isn't great for getting my runs in this week anyway, so week 2 is kind of a wash.  Besides, tomorrow's forecast calls for -17 degrees.  Ouch.  If I do anything, it will be sneaking in some miles on the treadmill at some point.

My mom decided to check out of the hospital this afternoon after all.  She didn't get much sleep last night with all the beeps and nurses poking her, so when the Dr. said it was up to her, she said:  take me home!  She is feeling good, but very sore.   We walked the halls even further this morning and her pace is picking up.  She declined my offer to check her pace on my Garmin, but at least I did think to offer.

I'm going back to the hospital to get her in a bit. We've been brainstorming some clever ways we can wash her hair at home without getting the rest of her wet.  Should be interesting!  I miss my babies so we are all sleeping over there together tonight.

Tomorrow my sister flies in from Utah, and though I wish the circumstances were different, I can't wait to see her and we feel so lucky to get in an extra visit.  I haven't seen her in the WINTER in many years, which means I don't even know her winter wardrobe!  I can't wait to check out all her cute sweaters and boots and steal them.  I guess that's not exactly the point of her visit, huh.

Hoping the transfer goes smoothly and will update again tomorrow.  xoxo


Barb and Jim said...

As Busy as you are when do you take a breath. I read your posts and then I have to go take a nap. Wish we were closer so we could help with some of the day to day things. Thanks so much for keeping us up to date. We woke up to -17.9 degrees on Friday and well - we decide not to go xc skiing it's just too cold.

Nancy said...

I've been following the posts the last few days and am so heartened by how things are going. I clued Mum in on Thursday morning so she was following too and gave me a big thumbs up when she came to choir to pick up the kids. I sang better after that. Yesterday, we were all hunkered down for the storm and I just knew that you would be too and that was a good thing. So, even though I haven't had a chance to comment, I've been grateful for the updates. You Brands are brave, warrior women. Best wishes for good healing, Beth.

Lisa said...

You are such a woman, Emilie! Able to balance out life, find the joy and face the pain at the same time. Recovery and winter wardrobes. smiling out loud. hugs to all of you there.

Anonymous said...

Several days ago I got a phone call from Sally to tell me of Beth's cancer diagnosis and how she had found out via your web site. She and I have been in frequent contact with an agreement that we'll keep each other posted as to updates on Beth's condition. I also spoke with Liesl today and was very glad to hear that things are going very positively. It's a bummer that your Mom is going through this but I have great faith in her strength and ability to navigate these rough waters. So glad she is home and I plan to call her when things have settled down for her a bit! Love to you all! Eileen Hickey

Michelle said...

It most certainly IS the point whenever sisters get together!!
I think anyway.
I laughed right away when I saw the picture of Reed even before I read what you wrote. I thought, "oh oh, been there done that... looks like no stitches so that's good!"