Saturday, January 29, 2011

mother and daughters.

My sister Liesel has been here this week from Utah, and we've been squeezing in every possible minute with her.   As you can see, my mom is looking fantastic.  We made her come outside in the snow for some photos.  The Brand women, together again, and in the winter!

My kids are so into their Aunt Liesel that they've gone a little crazy this week, overstimulated with love I guess, and so they have been a little on the wild side. Reed just about did a flip when Aunt Liesel asked what he wanted for his upcoming birthday.  What he wanted was to go shopping to pick out a birthday present.  Deal!
This is Reed in Spiderman heaven.
He took a long time checking out all the options before he decided on a robot arm toy that he can pick up objects or poke his sister with, and a talking Transformer robot.  All very much boy toys.  He left so so happy.

Skyler has been in a funk all weekend, crying over the slightest thing, and when she fell asleep in the car this morning, I figured she is fighting something or not feeling well, or just overstimulated with love. 

Instead of going swimming with Reed and Daddy, she chose more snuggle time with Liesel. 
Speaking of birthday shopping, when my sister came off the plane,  (and it was -20 degrees), I was really (vocally) admiring her down jacket.  And lucky me... she and my mom got me my own for my birthday.  This jacket is the warmest jacket ever made and even though this is so ridiculous to admit, I have lived in Maine for 10 years without a really warm jacket.  Bring on the arctic blasts! 

And what do you know? It's snowing again! 


Brooke said...

Yay for family together!!

FrauB said...

A. You look deliriously happy in that first pic. As a lover if my own sissies, I know the feeling.
B. Now you have to tell us what the jacket is, because I think I speak for a few of us: whatever Liesel does, and then whatever Emilie does, we do.
C. Your mom looks great! Yay intrepid mom.

Michelle said...

What a beautiful picture of the three of you! All of you wear your bangs the same way right now :)

It is so good to see your Mom looking so well. I wish that your sister's visit could be under cheerier circumstances but what a blessing to be able to be all together during this time!

bodegabliss said...

Warm jackets and family. Perfect.

(I'm so glad to hear your mom is doing well!)