Thursday, January 20, 2011

surgery updates (updated again)

I'll keep this page updated today.

12:00 noon:  I'm in the waiting room and my friends Christine and Jen are with me.

My mom has been taken for pre-op stuff, injection of the dye for the lymph node biopsy, and some pre-surgery scans.  I will be able to stay with her for the next hour or so before surgery, which is supposed to start at 1:00.  She is in good spirits and surprisingly calm.    Thank you for all of your wonderful messages.

They are right on schedule.  The doctors just took her in and then the surgeon came out into the waiting room one more time to reassure me that she is in good hands, about which I am very confident.
She has a prayer shawl given by a dear friend wrapped around her feet and she's off.  Jen is still with me.  The surgery is supposed to take 5 hours.

2:31:  According to the message board in the waiting room, my mom's "surgery has started."  I ate lunch with Jen.  Suzanne is coming next.  I'm am well taken care of.   I'm super sleepy after not sleeping last night.  Thought I was going to leave and go running, but that's not going to happen today.

4:18:  Still waiting!  Suzanne and Amy are here.  (Without me knowing, my friends planned to stagger visits all day so I would not be alone).    How many research papers have I graded?  none.  But that's okay!
If you want to see a photo of my mom on her way into surgery, click here.

5:24:  The screen just switched to "surgery complete."  Waiting for Dr. Clarke to come and see me.

5:40:  Dr. Clarke said the surgery went really well and that my mom is waking up and I'll get to see her in a few minutes.  Everything went well, and the one lymph node that they looked at in a "frozen section"  showed up negative for cancer.  This is not a guarantee, as we need to wait for the pathology from next week, but he said he was "very encouraged" and that everything looks really good.  He kept saying "the cancer is gone now."  That we will take!  I'm going to see her now!  Thank you everyone!

7:35:  We are settled in her room now and she's sleeping.  She's pretty groggy but is also making sense when she talks (I'm kind of bummed... I wanted to tell her all the funny things she said).  She spoke briefly on the phone with her sister Ann, who asked her how she was, and she said:  "Well, I'm boob-less."  True!  I'll stay for a while and then go home to see my family whom I haven't seen all day. 

I owe enormous thanks to Christine, Jen, Amy and Suzanne who did not leave me alone all day.  I finally got my appetite back and just ate the greatest salad ever that Christine brought me, and I am hoping for a good night sleep tonight.  Thank you, thank you, thank you. 


bodegabliss said...

Your mom is in my thoughts!


Michelle said...

We are praying all day! She's on our church's prayer chain today too.
Sending lots of love and {{hugs}} your way.
I wish I could be there to wait on you while you are waiting all this time.
You are not out of my thoughts for a second today. I even woke up in the middle of the night thinking of you and your Mom.

Carly said...

Saying an extra prayer today!

Anonymous said...

Emilie - Know we are sending positive and loving thoughts your way. Love you both - Katie

Meredith said...

Emilie, I have been thinking and praying for you guys all day! Sending positive energy your way!

Brooke said...

Yay!! I'm so glad the surgery went smoothly.

Cat said...

What a Mom! WHat a daughter! What friends! What a blessing! You all remain in my thoughts!

Kelly said...

Breathing a small sigh if relief. Ah.

Jennifer said...

we love you, em. try to get some sleep.

Christine said...

And to keep things on the lighter side, Emilie, I think it's important to note that without even planning it you and I wore matching shirts today! Incredible!

Seriously though, I love you and am so grateful that this day is almost behind you!


Eileen said...

I'm so glad things went well. Best of health to your mom!

Lisa said...

Glad I checked the blog. What a day, Em. Sounds like all is calmer. Get a good night sleep. love to you all!!

sarah said...

You were on my mind today, and I'm glad that the surgery went well. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Teared up at 4:18 update. And decided 13 comments needed an uptick just because :)
SNWs mom

defining moments said...

PRAISE GOD! it sounds like love is pouring out of everywhere so your mommy will be ok. we are praying out here in california for her!