Sunday, January 23, 2011

Week two: check (sort of)

Greetings from Sunday afternoon.  My mom continues to do well, and while she is very sore, she is feeling comfortable at home and was happy to have uninterrupted sleep last night.  We were successful in maneuvering a hair washing this morning which was a big boost for morale.

I have grades done for two out of five classes and I don't feel quite as stressed about it now that I'm almost half way there.  

Today some of my mom's friends came over to sit with her, and my friend Jen took my kids for an "AWESOME" play date at her house, so I had 2 hours to run and go to the grocery store. Jen did crafts with the kids and they made cookies and valentines, which Reed calls "Februaries."  They had such a good time.

I was happy to get my long run in after all, 9 miles on the treadmill.  My biggest hurdle was boredom, especially since my ipod died at mile 2.6.  I tried to focus on "running away" all of the crap from this week.  There was no way I was running outside today when it was well below zero with a wind-chill warning.  No thank you!  Considering the way this week went, I'm happy to have only missed one 3 mile run.  I'll call that a "check."

Speaking of running and (incessantly) talking about running, this video gave me a big laugh because it is just so true.  I feel exactly like this guy does.  Especially when he says:  "I do have a life!"  I don't know how you non-runners put up with people like us.

Hope everyone is staying warm!


Cat said...

"...she is my running partner." LOL!

Michelle said...

"...I am going to go to the break room and tell everyone I know what an idiot you are." Hilarious!! Especially since I ran 11 miles this Saturday in 13 degree weather and felt like I must be the idiot!

Lisa said...

As I ran my half, this video kept coming back and haunting me...I kept thinking of all the other things I could have done with those 2 hours and feeling like an idiot. haha. But I finished, at least. This is too funny!

tony_seger said...

That is how I feel about writing, So you spend all this time writing something no one will read. Great take on runners, especially distance runners. Reminded me of your post of running your first marathon.