Sunday, February 13, 2011

february festivities

Some photo highlights from the past two weeks:

Sam took Skyler for her very first ski day!  She did great and totally loved it.  There are no photos on the mountain, but here she is after arriving home.  Wiped!

Reedo turned 4!  Here he is opening some of his presents at 6:00 am.
Sam and Reed cheered for the Steelers in the Superbowl.  Reed got a new jersey from the Manharts (all Steelers fans) for his birthday.   
My friends gave me cool running stuff for my birthday that makes me weep for warm weather, but not so warm that I can't wear my tough Asics arm warmers.  I also got (not pictured) these amazing down slippers that I wanted from Sam and more running accessories.  See below. 
We worked on Valentines for Monday's parties at school.
Skyler dressed Jacksy in a red vest.
I ran 12 miles in 10 degrees and had 0 fun.  Susan and Suzanne ran with me, but hopped into their cars (it was hypothermia weather) before we could take a photos together, all wearing the same jacket).  We all thought it was a really hard run.  It was hilly and my legs never warmed up.  I had a bad attitude from the beginning, so I shouldn't be surprised that it sucked, but it did.  At least Sam got me these cool running gloves, and  I DID get all my miles in last week, so week 5: check!
Happy Valentine's Day!


SNW said...

I think you could pass for about 18 in that pouty MDI picture! :)

Carly said...

I love that your kids made their own Valentine's. I love making and receiving homemade cards. So sweet!

Elizabeth said...

I had a crappy run on Sunday too so I feel your pain.

Your kids and pup are super cute, and you can't feel crappy about that :-)!

ann said...

EM--are you OK? I have never seen you go 3 days without posting! I will give you a call if I don't see one soon!