Thursday, February 10, 2011

is it spring yet?

Reed's preschool sends out a monthly newsletter, and in it are the answers to each teacher's monthly question.  I think even the kids have had enough of this incredibly snowy winter.  The question asked:  "When will all the snow go away?"  These kids are ages 2-4 and I changed all the names except Reed and Maya.

Reed:  too many days
Nathan:  by summer when I bring my sandals
Julianna:  in 8 years
Sierra:  in 15 years
Anna:  I think it's always going to be a winter wonderland
Olivia:  I don't know... too long
Sophie:  um... long.... winter
Maya:  a long, long time

Sierra:  I feel your pain!  and poor Sophie! She's delirious with winter!

(hey, look!  I got my 3 mid-week runs in just like that.  bam bam bam.  Now, to figure out a safe route to run 12 miles on the snowy roads this weekend, and guess what?  more snow is coming.)


Carly said...

If you figure out a safe route, will you let me know? I'm getting desperate. I can only take so much more of the track at the rec center!

JenniferB said...

Good luck with your 12 this weekend. My group of girls and I are planning on 11 Sunday morning. So far it looks like at that time it won't be snowing. But you never know!!!!