Friday, February 4, 2011

snow day #4

 Yes, we DID get a really big snow on Tuesday into Wednesday which allowed us all to take a big old breath.  Sam's swim practice on Tuesday and school for all of us plus Sam's swim meet on Wednesday were all canceled.  I love the word "canceled" sometimes.  I don't think I would have gotten in any runs this week if it hadn't been for this storm that gave us 8 more inches of the sparkly whiteness and a whole day without anywhere we needed to go (except to the gym for some treadmill miles).
 We are pretty much buried in snow and I love it.  Jackson likes it too.
 And this guy?
 Reed has been asking about when his next birthday will be since the summer, and all summer I told him:  "Your birthday is not until it snows!"  And so in November when it snowed, he yelled:  "IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!"  And I had to keep saying, "not yet!"  And now, with plenty of snow as promised, it's Reed's 4th birthday.   He's off to school with a huge smile and a tray of cupcakes for his friends.  Happy birthday to my favorite little man. 


Amanda said...

I just cannot believe that Reed is 4 now! How is it that time goes so fast and so slow too? Love teh snow pics and Happy Birthday Reed!

Carly said...

How cute! I'm glad someone is enjoying all that snow! :-)

Zoe K said...

Couldn't ask for a more beautiful birthday! Happy Birthday, Reedo!

Jason O'Reilly said...

Beckett used to ask the same thing about his birthday, and I kept telling him, "It's when the snow melts."

Allie @ Healthy Balance, Healthy Life said...

haha "IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!" So cute.

Angela said...

Happy Birthday Reed!!!

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Reed!
We're celebrating over here too!
Jake's friends party at noon.
Drew's friends party at 2.
Then all my side of the family for dinner.
What was I thinking???

Happy Birthday to Emilie too!

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday Reed, my favorite blond haired boy!!!

Jodi said...

These photos are so great! Love the photo of Reed and your dog. Cute~~