Friday, February 18, 2011

sweet, sweet friday.

It's the Friday before vacation, a day that holds so much promise for a week of rest, relaxation, time to cook, bake, watch movies in bed, run when I want to, and have actual conversations with Sam.  I might even go nuts and read a magazine.I wish we were going somewhere warm, but then again, I'm just excited to not have to pack a backpack or a lunchbox for a whole week. 

Frankly, January and the first half of February have seemed so long and overwrought with heaviness that I couldn't be more ready for a week at home.  I love pretending I'm a stay-at-home mom for a week and doing projects with the kids, taking them to the library, to the indoor play hours at the rec center, hanging out with other moms during daylight hours.  It's not a trip to the Caribbean, no, but I'm looking at the upcoming week as a much needed reset button.

I've accidentally started to get excited for spring and summer a little too early this year.  It's only mid-February and in Maine, that means we are still months away from warmth.  But there are those little teases, those early morning birds singing, the occasional smell of spring thaw (mmmm, mud) and a slight shift in the light.  Yesterday it was 47 degrees, and before you scoff at that -- you other people who live in warmer places-- it was just enough of a lift to put me in a very good mood.  The air smelled so good and I actually had a minute of feeling sun warming my face while walking outside yesterday. 

I feel so good today, so much lighter than I have since the holidays, so hopeful and happy.  This may or may not have to do with the fact that Sam will be finished with his swim coaching season in 3 days.  Sing it!

Have a great weekend... stay tuned for many recipes including a new herb yeast bread I've been waiting a month to try.


Nancy said...

Oooh! I can't wait to live vicariously through your vacation! I'm also thrilled to know that I wasn't the only one to allow springy thoughts to creep in yesterday.

Elizabeth said...

can totally relate. Enjoy your time off.

Michelle said...

You have a week off in February? Do you get one for spring break as well or is this it? I'm interested to hear how you managed to get this lovely week mid February.

I can totally relate! At least this winter. This has been one of the coldest I can remember. With temps staying well below freezing for weeks and dipping down to the single digits at night. This makes our Saturday morning long training runs unenjoyable for me. i told Meredith last week that all these cold weather runs were responsible for making me lose the joy of running. It's just no fun to run in 10 degrees!

And then all of a sudden out of nowhere we had a 70 degree day yesterday! So what? now I need to worry about heatstroke this Saturday?

Just kidding! I'll take it :)

Brooke said...


Clarice said...

We have another week until vacation, but having my classroom windows open today with sunshine and a breeze was great. Enjoy your break.