Monday, February 7, 2011

week 4: check?

We are one month into training for our May marathon.  Remind me never to let my training schedule overlap so much with Sam's coaching season.  It has been really tough, but I will say this:  without having that training plan motivating me to make time for my runs, I would probably not be exercising at all because our schedule is just so tight.  Because I have been so determined (stubbornly) to stay on plan, I have pretty much succeeded to carve out the time.  Oh, have I ever wished for a treadmill of my own, or some nice spring weather and clear roads, this week!  Three more weeks of swim season and then I might get to hang out with my husband again.  I remember him so fondly.

As I said, thanks to the snow day I was able to squeeze in two mid-week runs in, but I did miss my third.

On Sunday, Jen's birthday, all 6 of us running girls planned to spend the day in southern Maine running in the Maine Mid-Winter Classic 10-mile race which was canceled on Friday night due to unsafe road conditions (the snowbanks are too high, and there was more snow coming on Saturday night).  We had been planning this day for a while, and it included shopping, lunch out, and a fun race. Bummer.

Instead, I did my scheduled 11 miles on a treadmill at the gym, the longest I've ever run on a treadmill, because we were supposed to get more snow and ice and the roads were not going to be safe (unless you are Susan who did her long run as planned on the slushy streets).  It really wasn't that bad, actually, but it did feel like cheating to not be out in the elements and on the hills.

Then, to celebrate our birthdays (Jen's and mine are 2 days apart) and make up for our missed day away, we did something we never do:  we got together just to eat!  Jen cooked (yes, on HER birthday) and made an incredible brunch for us.

 It was so civilized and nice.  Rather than our typical running group photos, we posed for awkward family photos instead.  We think we are hilarious.

Week 4:  supposed to run 23 miles in 4 runs, ran 20 miles in 3 runs and no cross training.  I'm trying not to be such a psycho about the training program, so that will have to do.  Now, what do to about this next week that looks equally busy?


Airy Nothing said...

Given this crappy weather (and even not admitting it as a given), you've done an *excellent* job with your training! Go, you!

Also, that awkward family inspired photo made me gasp with the middle of a meeting.

Carly said...

Love the photo!

Nancy said...

You gals are so funny! But you needed to all be in different shades of the same color, or all in jeans with ridiculously crisp, white shirts, AND awkwardly posed to reeeaally get that contrived family photo feeling. I think you're doing great at getting those miles in and juggling everything else. Happy Birthdays!!

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!
You girls are so cute!
I honestly don't know how you manage without your own treadmill. My hat goes off to you my friend! Looks like you are toughing it through swim season as I am toughing it through basketball season. Just a few more weeks... c'mon we can do it!!! Then we get our men back!!

Liesel said...

Hey! That's my sweater you're wearing!
(Happy birthday Em! Miss you.)

Aileen said...

That looks delicious! What a great way to spend time with your girl friends.