Sunday, February 20, 2011

week 6: check!

Sam was gone at his high school swimmers' state meet all day Saturday so I was not able to run with my girls. I was on my own, and I decided to try Sunday afternoon thinking that it would be a bit warmer than the early hour when I usually run, on account of the fact that I've decided that I'm done running in the cold. I'm ready for Spring. I'm just going to pretend that winter is sort of over and go on from here. I even wore a springy skirt yesterday with my high leather boots and my down coat and I know that makes no sense but I just went with it.

This week was a good training week. I got all my miles in, and more importantly, I had a good long run. Granted it was only nine miles (it's a step back week), but I was sort of losing my confidence about outside runs after last week's sad 12 miler. I have just been struggling on the long runs in a way I don't think I should be at this point, so I had a little talk with myself today about staying positive.  I was running alone so I loaded up my ipod and set out; it was 25 degrees and sunny.  Aside from some tricky wind conditions that left me messing with my hat and neck warmer a lot (and eventually putting my neck warmer on my head, see?), and getting really hot so having to strip down on the side of the road to eliminate a layer, I had a great run.  It was even hilly and I still did just fine.  It renewed my faith in myself.  Much better! 

While running today, I was asking myself if, because this is my third time working through a marathon program, it is getting easier.  My answer is:  nope.  Most runs still feel hard to me.

But then on more careful consideration, I realized there are two ways that this round of training is easier:
1.  I still feel like I'm working so hard, but my times are a little bit faster less slow, so I guess if I was running at my old pace, it would feel easier.
2.  I recover more quickly.  I am only a tiny bit sore after long runs, not even sore, really, just tight.  I also don't feel wiped out or sick for the rest of the day like I used to. 

We are one third of the way there, and we now start getting into the bigger runs.  Dare I say I'm a little bit excited for next weekend's 14 miler? 


elizathon said...

I am training for my third marathon too. My long run next sunday is 16 miles. I also think it is just as hard as the other two marathon trainings but I run faster and recover more quickly. Good luck with your training. glad you had a good run today.

Carly said...

I don't think my runs ever got easier either. But if they were easy, they would sort of defeat the purpose, wouldn't they?

Brooke said...

I'm jealous. Imagine that!

Frederique said...

Way to go Em! At this point of my running career (very novice), all runs are hard! Ha, Ha! But I am loving it! Of course it is easy for me to say that since thus far my longest run has been 4miles accomplished yesterday!

Emilie said...

Way to go Frederique! If you can run 4, you can run 8, and if you can run 8, you can run..... (etc). Great job!

Glad everyone can relate to running always feeling hard, and yes, I guess that is the point, Carly. :)

Michelle said...

Emilie, I'm so glad to hear that I'm not the only one who would feel so wiped out after a long run that they would feel almost sick the rest of the day. The best part of that though is having a husband who supports the running thing so much that he tells me, "you worked it hard today... just relax the rest of the day and let your body recover!"

I love him!!!