Saturday, February 26, 2011

week 7: check.

 On Thursday after we went tubing for 3 hours in the morning, I headed out for my 14 miles because we were expecting much snow and colder temps for the weekend so I wanted to get it done in the sunshine and on dry roads.

Amy and I teamed up for about 6 miles and ran the rest separately, Amy doing her extra miles before running by to pick me up at my house. 

We had a nice time catching up and chatting and reveling in the sunshine and warmer temps and chirping birds (it was upper 20s which is actually great running weather once you get moving).  We parted ways at my mile 6 and I put on my ipod and just got her done.

What was interesting is that my overall pace was the same as my miserable 12 miler, but this run could not have felt different.  I was running on pretty tired legs, so I took it easy so that I could enjoy myself, and I actually felt great, like my body was just kind of along for the ride.  I kept saying to myself:  long and strong, low and slow.  I chose a pretty hilly route and thought about running strong on the ups and riding the downs.  It kind of worked. 
After 14.2 miles, when I stopped to walk it off, I was really hurting.  But I took some advil, coffee, food and a hot shower and within an hour or so I was good to go.  Soon after, Sam and I left for our date night which included The King's Speech (so good!) and sushi and all evening I felt that warm, tingly hum of the long run in my whole body.  I love that.

The rest of my runs were treadmill runs this week and felt just okay, except for today's which for whatever reason felt soo good and easy.  It's so darn unpredictable from run to run. Anyway, 29 miles for the week, all done.

I've been thinking about hill training and once it's nice enough, replacing one of my mid-week runs with a hill workout to give me more confidence in my quads.

I know lots of you are training for spring races.  How's it going out there for you?!


Frederique said...

Way to go Em! Well today was my first long run: 6.3 miles! I am running a 5k in 3 weeks and then a Marathon relay (6.55) and then I am not sure! But guess what, we are finally going to meet!!!! Yeaper! MDI Bar Harbor 1/2 Marathon baby, I will see you at the starting line, well actually not really since I will start earlier than you girls, but I will see you...

Emilie said...

Christine just told me, Frederique! Awesome. Can't wait to meet you and celebrate after the race!!!

JenniferB said...

I am incredibly jealous that you got in your mileage this week. I was tapering down for the non-existent run tomorrow. Bummed, once again!

But, the girls and I will still run tomorrow. We're actually running 11 tomorrow.

Enjoy your last day of Feb break!

Nancy said...

You are such a total athlete with your winter play time and your long run on the same day! The kids are now DYING to go tubing, by the way. Ten weeks until Alan and I do the Big Lake Half... Frederique: we'll be at MDI, too (I peaked at your blog--beautiful family and hooray for running in your 40s [like me!])!

Elizabeth said...

It's week 7 of my training too. My long run yesterday was also much better than my 14 miler two weeks ago. Funny how it works out that way. Training for this marathon is going pretty good. Hope your training is going well also.

Zoe K said...

Thanking my stars again that I started so prematurely in my training ... for MDI!!! (I'm sensing a theme here, ladies.) My knee still isn't lovin' it. More pool time and walks I guess. Bummerrrrr.